When looking for accommodation in Khao Yai, you would have noticed “Thames Valley”! It is one of the most popular choice among visitors to Khao Yai because the whole place has a fairytale castle theme!

Most of the hotels in Khao Yai have their own themes and it makes everyone of them unique in their own way.



There are lots of OOTD spots for you too!



Brick walls and bridges are common around Thames Valley as the whole hotel follows its castle theme. There are  a total of 10  different types of room you can consider when making your booking.


Deluxe Highgarden Room


This is the Deluxe High Garden room which is 40 square meters in size.


I felt that the brick walls and the television music playlist really  brought out the fairy tale castle theme of the hotel.


They provide bathrobes, an ironing board and even umbrellas which you can use during your stay with them.


This  room type has a rain shower. If you are looking for a room with a bath tub, Thames Valley has many other room types such as the Deluxe Pond rooms and many others that  come with bath tubs.


The Castle Restaurant


The Castle restaurant is the place where you can settle your breakfast, lunch and dinner!


The interior of the Castle restaurant is really pretty.


It is large in size with many different seating options to accommodate hotel guests from their many rooms.



They have a rather wide variety of food at the breakfast buffet.


Including soy milk and “You-Tiao”.


An overview of part of the spread.


The egg station – choose your preferred preparation of eggs.


Salad station.


I liked that they had different types of bacon, carbonara, fried rice and kway teow. I also got some ham, taiwan sausage slices, grilled tomato, croissant and scrambled eggs. The staff will also offer you coffee and I ordered a latte that day.



Calamari Salad with Lime & Ginger Dressing  (220฿) – This salad was incredible. The dressing made the greens flavourful and the calamari was lightly crisp and incredibly addictive. Definitely one of the better calamari we have tasted!


Deep  Fried Spicy Spring Rolls ( 195฿) – These are Larb spring rolls. Dip them in the sweet plum sauce for a an added flavour.


Korat Style Wok Fried Rice Noodles (280฿) – This dish is also known as Pad Mee Korat and the set is served with pork, papaya salad and pork crackling. In fact, the taste is quite similar to Pad Thai.


Butter Herb Mustard Crusted Lamb  Rack with Middle Eastern Ratatouille and Curry Couscous  (890฿) – This was really good. The lamb meat was tender, easy to cut and chew and matched well with the sauce and couscous.


Pan-Seared Snow Fish with Beetroot Risotto and Lemon Butter Bleu Blanc  (990฿) – I found this dish really unique. The fish on its own is really salty but blends well together with the beetroot risotto and lemon bleu blanc.


Crispy Egg Noodle with Beef Sirloin and Kale soaked in gravy (380฿) – We especially like the beef sirloin as it was well flavoured and cooked to a nice  texture.


Why not order some cocktails and mocktails to go with your meal.

Rose Spa


This is Rose Spa, the hotel spa of Thames Valley.

In Khao Yai, there’s not many massage parlours around and the next best option would definitely be your hotel spa. Since you are already pampering yourselves with a holiday in Khao Yai, why not pamper yourselves more with a quality massage and spa treatment?


We tried the Aroma Oil and Thai Massage which costs 1800 baht for a 60 minutes session. The whole massage was so soothing and relaxing that we fell asleep midway through the massage!



The swimming pool is located next to Rose Spa and you can consider coming here for a dip just before breakfast?


Kids will be happy to know that there’s a playground catered for them. Time to have fun!

Thames Valley Khao Yai