Have a craving for American dishes in Korea? This restaurant will surely fulfil your needs. They are famous for Chicken and Waffle with Maple Syrup, who could resist that?

This  American Restaurant called “The B-Side Soul Diner” is located near Hongdae area (you can walk from Hongdae but it would be more convenient if you take the subway to Sangsu Station). The B-Side Soul Diner is so  famous that many Korean celebrities come here very often.


They are located below the building and hence you have to slow down in order to see their sign.


The restaurant is decorated in an American pub style and there are many food choices for you to choose from,  both as a set and ala-carte.


The signature item – Cajun Chicken & Waffle with Maple Syrup [14,500â‚©]. The portion is huge and it is recommended for 2 people to eat together. The chicken is very well-seasoned, you can taste the spices and the fried chicken are not greasy at all. The waffle is big with a crispy exterior and fluffy interior.

It also tasted buttery which was nice and they will give you an extra scoop of butter in case you need some more saltiness. The sweetness of the maple syrup goes really well with the Cajun seasoned fried chicken and the waffle. This is definitely a must-try here!


Chilli Fries [3,500â‚©] – This portion is really big for this price but I really love the fact that it comes with lots of perfectly fried bacon and a generous amount of cheese. It is very good as a side with Cajun chicken and Waffles.

Overall, I am really satisfied with this restaurant and will be sure to return! Moreover, you could easily communicate to the owner as he is quite fluent in English!

Their operating  hours are from 2pm – 11pm on weekdays and 12pm- 11pm on weekends. But I would recommend you to go a little later in the afternoon as the restaurant is very packed during the lunchtime and you might not be able to get a table.

[Seoul] The B-Side Soul Diner

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