The Commons recently opened a second community mall in Saladaeng. Many of you should know The Commons Thonglor, which proved to be a big success since its opening in 2016, drawing locals, expats and tourists to the community mall. For those living nearer to Silom / Sathorn, you no longer have to travel all the way to Thonglor to enjoy the same vibes.

The Commons Saladaeng is located near to Silom you can easily get to this community mall via Rama 4 Road or Saladaeng Soi 1.


In terms of design, it is designed by the same firm which developed the The Commons Thonglor. Design principles are similar and you still get lots of community spaces around. Saladaeng means “red-roofed pavilion” and hence you see it in the design of The Commons Saladaeng.

The Commons Saladaeng is a three-storey community mall featuring more than 20 cafes, bars and restaurants.

The Ground (Level 1) is where you can find grab-and-go treats, award-winning  matcha drinks from Seven Suns and familiar names such as Roast Cafe and  Roots Coffee.


The Market (Level 2) is where most would spend their time at because of the exciting food and drink vendors in a communal vibe.


The Platform (Level 3) is where you can discover enriching activities such as yoga, dancing or art classes.

How To Get Here?

If you don’t mind walking for about 10 minutes, you can access The Commons Saladaeng via Sala Daeng Soi 1 from BTS Sala Daeng or Rama 4 Road from MRT Lumpini. Else, we highly recommend you to take Grab / Taxi.

What’s there at The Market?


We selected 5 shops at The Market which we think most of you will like. As much as we would like to try everything, we couldn’t but you should definitely go and see what you personally like to try.

Bowl Journey


Many of us usually won’t associate healthy food with the term “delicious”, but Bowl Journey is an exception. We were surprised by the burst of flavours and colours in all their dishes. You can customise / DIY your own bowls here, choosing your favourite base (rice or vegetables), proteins, sides, topping and sauce. All the food here is made from scratch, no processed food and no MSG added.


We tried their Deep Sea Yum Yum signature bowl served with their famous Tom Yum Quinoa and Miso Glazed Salmon. It was surprisingly good! Do also try their Southern inspired, curry marinated Go-lae chicken. Seriously, eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

Bun Meat & Cheese x The PIT Master


Bun Meat and Cheese have reopened after a long break following the conculsion of their pop-up at 72 Courtyard. This time, they have officially joined hands with The PIT Master, specialists in low and slow BBQ.


If you can only try one item here, go for their Special Brisket Burger. They are extremely precise in their ingredients and processes so you get to try the best of both worlds from Bun Meat & Cheese and The PIT Master.

Fowlmouth & Crackhouse


Fowlmouth specialises in Nashville Hot Chicken and you get to choose from 6 levels of heat from no spice to super super spicy. Warning – the medium level is already very spicy!


Crackhouse is an egg-centric concept selling breakfast burritos, sandwiches, pancakes and fresh cold-pressed orange juice. We tried the Crackgriddle which is their personal interpretation of the McGriddles.

Guss Sundae Bar


Guss Sundae Bar is Guss’s 9th outlet and this branch at The Commons Saladaeng specialises in classic sundaes where you can enjoy fresh toppings on your favourite ice cream.

Pad Pad


Pad Pad is extremely popular with the locals because you get to customise your own stir-fry and you get to try a different menu every day. With its relatively low price and huge portions of food, we can see why it’s so popular.


We weren’t able to try all the other shops yet but please feel free to check them out. They have been selected by The Commons so you can be assured of quality food as always.


SOHO Pizza – Authentic Grab & Go New York Pizza.


Yum Cha – Modern dimsum embracing the age-old cooking techniques.


Boon Tong Kee – Singapore’s renowned chicken rice.


Hunter Poke – Poke specialists.


The Lobster Lab – Fresh lobsters caught off Maine and Canada coasts directly to your table.

QQ Dessert – Taiwanese Treats and Teas.


Lykke – Natural Greek Yogurt.


Paak –  Healthy blended drinks.


Cloud Wine – Specialists of organic wines.


Taproom – Craft Beer


Other shops that were not pictured include MOTO (modern sake bar) and Isan & Grill (specializing in Northeastern Thai cuisine).  Some shops were not open yet but we will be adding them to this list in future.

Saladaeng Soi 1 is home to many restaurants, cafes and bars and The Commons Saladaeng is definitely a great addition to this trendy street.

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