When we mention Thai cuisine, most won’t associate it with an expensive meal. What if I mention having Thai cuisine at The Athenee Hotel in Bangkok? You will probably think of sky-rocket prices. But thankfully no and this might just be one of my new favourite restaurants to dine in, especially for special occasions. The prices are very similar to that of restaurants at shopping malls. The House of Smooth Curry at The Athenee Hotel is one of the several restaurants on their refurbished F&B floor.


The Athenee Hotel is situated on former Royal Grounds and the royal heritage of the hotel is reflected in the design of The House of Smooth Curry’s décor, evoking the image of a room in the private quarters of Kandhavas Palace, the residence of Princess Valaya Alongkorn.

The House of Smooth Curry serves authentic Thai cuisine from the four regions of Thailand, with a focus on recipes from royal palaces and residences, and with an emphasis on the enormous diversity of curries that originate from every part of the country. As part of the hotel’s central policy on sustainability and supporting local communities, all vegetables, rice, fruit, spices and herbs are sourced from quality local suppliers, who themselves farm by organic methods.

As soon as we were seated, a welcome drink was served. That was quite an impressive move by a restaurant.

One of the reasons why I like such Thai restaurants is because I get to snack on some shrimp crackers before the actual meal arrives and it’s addictive.

Saeng Wa Goong [420฿] – Spicy organic prawn salad with ginger, lemongrass, mint leaves and lime dressing.

The prawns were already sliced up so you don’t worry about cutting the prawns. Have a bit of everything together with the fried catfish and you will get an explosion of flavours and textures in your mouth.

Gaeng Poo Bai Chapoo Kanom Jean [590฿] – Red curry with organic Surat Thani crabmeat and betel leaves served with rice noodles.

This is a popular southern dish and the version here is really good. With fresh seafood combining with the smooth and delicate curry, it sure works well with everybody. As the name of the restaurant suggests, “The House of Smooth Curry”, the curry here is indeed smooth and it doesn’t kick you with that extreme spice but a delicate balance of spices.


Gaeng Kong Mae [380฿] – Free-range chicken curry with roasted herbs, banana blossom and tamarind juice.

This is Chef Ton’s mother’s curry and instead of the usual chunks of chicken meat, this is made using minced chicken.

Pla Kaw Sauce Makham [690฿] – Deep fried garoupa from Pattani, sweet and sour tamarind sauce, fresh acacia and coriander leaves.

What makes a good fried fish – good fish with good frying technique. You can taste the freshness of the fish even though it’s fried.


Sai Bua Phad Goong [290฿] – Stir-fried lotus stem with organic prawn and soybean paste.

A very homely and comforting dish especially for Chinese families.


Nam Tok Nuea Wagyu [480฿] – Char-grilled marinated sliced wagyu striploin salad with chilli, mint leaves, roasted rice powder and lime dressing.

This was on their special menu and if you are looking for the “spicy punch”, this will be it.

Kha Nom Kho Kathi Sod [250฿] – Glutinous rice ball stuffed with grated coconut in warm coconut milk.

What an impressive sight for a dessert right?


There’s grated coconut inside the glutinous rice ball and this dessert is refined.


Som Choon [250฿] – Mixed fruit in iced citron syrup with ginger.

If you prefer something more refreshing, check out this unique dessert. This dessert used to be served to the royalty in the past and it’s not just ice, water and fruits. The water is, in fact, fragrant jasmine water so you get that nice smell while enjoying your assorted fruits.

Having visited so many Thai restaurants in Bangkok, what The House of Smooth Curry offers is a great deal. With quality ingredients, nice decor, excellent customer service and exclusive dining experience, it beats the competition. I don’t like crowded places so this might be the perfect place for really good Thai food with excellent settings.

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This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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