The Mango Garden seems like a new establishment in Bangkok but you will be surprised to know that they are actually a very famous shop in Phi Phi Island and they are the number 1 dessert shop on Tripadvisor!


Everything here is all about mango and nothing else.


What’s so special about The Mango Garden? They actually specialise in traditional mango desserts, Thai style. The emphasis on Thai style can be seen in their creations. For example, their version of Mango Sticky Rice.


Sunrise Mango [215฿] – This is not an ordinary mango sticky rice but the difference lies in the inclusion of dried fish flakes, which is how Thais usually eat it in the past. You can’t really find this style of mango sticky rice in Thailand nowadays.

The sticky rice at The Mango Garden comes from finest organic paddy field in Chiang Rai province and the blue rice is of a natural colouring from the Thai butterfly pea flower.


In fact, I’m quite surprised that the savoury fish flakes blend so well with the mango and sticky rice.


Mango Glacier [285฿] – The glacier (butterfly pea milk shaved ice) is of Korean style Bingsu and I actually like the texture of it.


It comes together with a variety of items such as blue rubies, grass jelly, mango and a type of Thai sweet dessert, topped with vanilla ice cream. You get to try all the popular items found in Thai desserts.


Pour the condensed milk over it and you all good to go. Eat it together with the shaved ice!


Feeling thirsty from the sweet desserts? You can also try their Mango based drink! I like the Mango with Passionfruit as it gives a hint of sour to the already sweet mango. A good refreshing drink!

These are just a few of the items found at The Mango Garden. They actually have a lot more choices on their menu but we can’t try all of them due to the limitation of our stomach.

Personally, I like The Mango Garden firstly because their desserts are of quality and most importantly delicious. Secondly, in terms of quantity and price, it’s quite well justified as the portion here is quite huge as compared to many mango speciality  shops out there.

[Bangkok] The Mango Garden

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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