As mentioned in my earlier post about Bangkok Spas and Massage, there are infinite massage parlors around Bangkok, which are very affordable. I do go to such massage parlors especially for foot massage or Thai Traditional Massage. All these are very simple, no frills massage. Of course, sometimes, I do look for one that  offers the right atmosphere as well.

Whenever I am in Bangkok, I will set aside half a day to really pamper myself by going to a spa. I  forget everything – and relax and enjoy the body treatments. It is really a good way to refresh yourself, giving yourself more energy to go the extra mile thereafter.

The Oasis Spa Bangkok - Garden

The Oasis Spa offers The Ultimate Thai Lanna Experience. They started in 2003 from Chiang Mai and today, they have branches in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. In Bangkok, they have 2 outlets. Today, I’m going to visit the outlet at Sukhumvit Soi 51, which is an Urban Bohemian Day Spa. It’s also one of the newest and grooviest spas in Bangkok, offering eleven state-of-the-art private treatment rooms, Jacuzzi hydrotherapy and herbal steam.

The Oasis Spa Bangkok - Garden 2

Stepping into The Oasis Spa (Sukhumvit Soi 51), I felt as if I was not in Bangkok, overwhelmed by the busy buzzing city life, but in a whole new world where I could  just forget everything. The lush tropical garden of plants and flowers, wooden planks and doors together with the soothing sounds of water, truly made this place a really blissful and tranquil spot.

The Oasis Spa Bangkok - Khun Jan

This is Khun Jan welcoming us into the spa. The reception area is so therapeutic, as the strong aroma smell of sweet almond and grape seed fills the atmosphere.

The Oasis Spa Bangkok - Interior
Photo Credit: The Oasis Spa Bangkok

Something caught my attention. I love this Emperor / King’s chair!

The Oasis Spa Bangkok - Royal Seat

Ok, time to get back to my seat and enjoy a cup of ginger tea, perfect after a heavy meal to cleanse our system. The sweet scented wet towel also helps us to freshen up and get us ready for our treatments.

The Oasis Spa Bangkok - Welcome Tea

Khun Jan got us to fill up a form with our particulars and a checklist of our body and how we want our massage to be. I love it! They really know how to treat their customers.

I opted for “King of Oasis Massage” (3,900++ Baht for 2 hours treatment) which is simple basic term is Thai Herbal Hot Compress + Thai Traditional Massage + Aromatherapy Massage. What a beautiful combination of a powerful and soothing massage. For females who prefer something softer, you can opt for “Queen of Oasis Massage”!

The Oasis Spa Bangkok - Herbal Compress
Photo Credit: The Oasis Spa Bangkok

It begins with a Thai Herbal Hot Compress along the strong muscle lines followed by a Hot Oil Massage that works and stretches the muscles while reopening the body’s energy pathways. Will I feel majestic?

The Oasis Spa Bangkok - Spa Therapist

Let’s see! It’s time to enter into our private treatment rooms. The therapist showed me the wardrobe to put all my belongings and told me to take a bath to freshen myself.

The Oasis Spa Bangkok - Treatment Room

No doors? No worries, the therapist will be outside waiting for you. When you are ready, just ring the bell and they will come in with the necessary for massage.

The Oasis Spa Bangkok - Treatment Room 2

I prefer massage beds with a hole for my face. It just feels more comfortable than having to turn my head to one side. And yes, they have this bed here!

The herbal compress was gently pressed on my body with a scent of herbal spice. The whole treatment was just so wonderful and the masseuse was really good at loosening my bones, making me feel lighter and relaxed. Despite having pressure on my bones, the aromatherapy was  so therapeutic that I dozed off. The soothing sounds of nature through the speakers of course played a part too!

At different stages of the massage while working on different sides of the body, the masseuse will ask if the strength is ok, so that you feel comfortable and would not be struggling in  pain.

I was  indeed pampered and now I feel like an emperor, so it’s time to get onto my seat! This treatment “King of Oasis” is indeed ‘Fit for King’!

The Oasis Spa Bangkok - Emperor Seat

Having difficulty deciding between Thai Traditional or Aromatherapy Massage, this is the place to go! Other than that, they also have other signature treatments (King & Queen of Oasis, Oasis Four Hands, Aromatherapy Hot Oil and The Voyage of Golden Lanna) and much more!

The Oasis Spa Bangkok - Four Hand Massage
Photo Credit: The Oasis Spa Bangkok

If you love what you experienced at The Oasis Spa, you can also purchase KIN products and have spa-like treatment / results at home.

The Oasis Spa Bangkok - KIN

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Did You Know?

When you book online, you can get discounts of up to 50% off their package price! The Oasis Spa offers treatments that range from 2 to 4 hours of complete renewal and relaxation. Visit their website now for more information!