Seoul is a place where food is very diversified and most of them are very delicious in their own way! Everything is worth trying but now I would like to introduce you a very nice Italian restaurant that is currently very popular among netizens. The restaurant is called “The Place“. You can find this restaurant at Gangnum Station exit 11 and at COEX mall.

The restaurant is located underground but don’t worry! The sign is very big and you can spot it very clearly.




They have Italian food with both set and ala carte options. The varieties range  from Salad, Pasta, Pizza, Steak to Desserts! They also have a set menu for customers who come as a group. The set menu mostly includes a salad, a pasta, choices of 2 Ades and the famous “Bomb Pizza”. The set menu price starts from 51,000 won.

The set that I ordered comes with Fruit and Ricotta salad, Cream and Tomato pasta, Bomb Pizza and Grapefruit and Lemon ade. I also ordered Calamari as a side dish.

(I recommended the  Fruit and Ricotta salad as it goes  well with Bomb Pizza)


The pasta is very creamy and rich because of the additional cream on top. You can feel the milky taste of the cream and the sour taste of tomato sauce after that. Overall, the taste is really nice and good for people who love a deep creamy pasta.


The salad is so refreshing. The ricotta cheese makes the salad more creamy and gives it a slight salty taste. The grapefruit is the highlight of this dish! It is sour at first but you will be able to taste its sweetness afterwards. The pistachio also gives the salad a crunchy texture.


The ades are also really good. I really like the grapefruit one since it is slightly sour and it can really go along well with all the food in the set menu!


Calamari is the original Italian fried squid. This dish also comes with seasoned french fries. The squid is really crispy. You can just sprinkle some lemon juice on the squid and you are good to go! The fries are also very well seasoned! If you want some side dishes, this is the one I recommended!

Finally, here comes our highlight! The Bomb Pizza. It is very famous because before we eat it, the staff will light up the fire on the pizza and will cut the pizza shell out. You can eat that as a snack. They will give you 3 dippers –  Honey, Salsa Sauce and Tartar Sauce.

The Pizza itself is made with Mozzerella, Mascapone, Sliced Almond, Walnut and Dried Cranberry. If you want to order this pizza as an Ala Carte item, the price starts  from 21,000 won.



At first I did not  think that cranberry could go along with all the cheeses but after I tried it, I have to confess: I had to get more slices! The thinness of the pizza flour and the depth  of the cheese flavor combined with the crunchiness of the nuts are just perfect! The place where the staff lit  the fire was very crispy. This is a must-order menu for this place!

If you ever have any crave of Italian food in Seoul, The Place should be one of your top list! Go try and tell us what you think about this!

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