The Venezia is a themed shopping Village inspired by Venice. You can find St Mark’s Square and the bell tower here.

The good thing about Venezia is that there is no entrance fee and you can just enter to take photos. However, if you intend to take part in activities here or take some rides, it is better to purchase the package at the counter than at the individual stations because it will be much cheaper.


Similar to other man-made attractions, this place is popular for photo taking and can be romantic for couples too.  It’s not so much for shopping because of the lack of variety.


This is called “Christmask Tree” which is something unique for their christmas celebration.


Venezia Hua Hin is actually quite big and if you are lazy to walk around, you can choose the various options below to get to the other side of the theme park.

veneziahuahin-traincarriageTrain Carriage

veneziahuahin-horsecarriageHorse Carriage



I purchased the package and  took part in some of the activities. And this is one of them included in the package. Not bad huh.


They also have a 3D Art Gallery where you can take lots of photos.


After all the walking, if you are tired, there are several restaurant options available. The most prominent and affordable one is Two Two Chicken which is  from Korea.

twotwofriedchickenhuahin-chickenAssorted selection of chicken


twotwofriedchickenhuahin-chickenwingsChicken Wings

twotwofriedchickenhuahin-mashedpotatoesMashed Potatoes

Looking at them makes me hungry now.

Again, if you are not into photo taking or taking part in activities here, this place might not be suitable for you. I’ll suggest that you skip it if so.