Planning a trip to Halong Bay? I highly recommend you to stay 1 night on a overnight cruise because you can slowly explore more of Halong Bay and your schedule won’t be so tight. Moreover, Halong Bay is a  UNESCO World Heritage Site, you should take time to appreciate its beauty.

For overnight cruises, you will be brought to a special pier where a smaller boat will bring you to your cruise.


Time to bring our luggage on board!


Hello to Oriental Sails, our overnight cruise boat.

#1 – Sleep in Halong Bay, onboard an overnight cruise.


We proceeded to check in to our rooms. I haven’t been on any cruises before but this really took my breath away! The room is quite spacious (for a cruise) and you get your own private toilet too.

#2 –  Dine in comfort with the backdrop of Halong Bay’s iconic limestones.


All our meals were settled onboard our cruise and the food was good! It should work well with anybody since it’s a mix between Vietnamese and Western cuisine.

#3 –  Visit Sung Sot Cave


Hang Sung Sot is also known as “Cave of Surprises”. It is a popular attraction in Ha Long Bay.

It was discovered by the French in 1901 and what’s special in this cave is that they are filled with unusual rock formations and you can easily see it through the coloured lights.


It requires a little climbing of stairs but you will be well rewarded with this magnificent view below.


#4 –  Learn to make Vietnamese Spring Rolls


There are 2 versions of Vietnamese Spring Rolls and the one we learnt is the fried version, which is also my favourite. It’s actually very easy to make and the famous Vietnam fish sauce makes it even more delicious!

#5 –  Visit  Luon Cave


The real beauty is inside Luon Cave. You need to pass through the cave via a small boat due to its height limit. After passing through the gate, you will notice a lake inside surrounded by limestone mountains. It’s so peaceful here. If you sneeze inside, the whole cave will be able to hear it.


Many people also love kayaking at Luon Cave so fans of Kayaking, you should not miss it! Oh, if you are lucky, you can get to see monkeys jumping around!

#6 –  Wake up with the beautiful nature!


How often can you wake up right in the middle of the lake with beautiful limestone formations surrounding you? Not often.

#7 –  Learn  Tai Chi, a healthy exercise.


Time to wake up for some exercise! Don’t worry! It’s not some vigorous exercise but Tai Chi, a very calm exercise with various health benefits. Take in the fresh air too!

#8,9  –  Visit Ti Top Island!


There are various activities for you to do in Ti Top Island. The popular ones include chilling and swimming by the beach. Or if you are more adventurous…

#10 – Get to the top of  Ti Top Island for the best elevated view of Halong Bay!


Warning! It’s not easy climbing up here! Please come here in light clothing and proper shoes as the steps are really steep and it can be very slippery. Bring water to keep yourself hydrated.

Climb at a comfortable pace. There is no need to hurry because everything you do, Safety First!


YES! I made my way up slowly and was presented with this beautiful sight. I’m happy and it’s really worth the climb up!