Updated: 27 September 2014

Having tried several famous seafood eateries in Yaowarat, this has got to be my favourite. T&K Seafood is a must-visit in Yaowarat. It is very easy to spot them from the main road. Staff are dressed in bright Green Shirts.


If you are there during peak hours, be prepared to wait for an available seat. They have both outdoor and indoor seatings. Want to enjoy the cool air-con, head inside the restaurant. However, do note that it will be a little squeezy inside.


What is Thai food without  Tom Yam Goong? The Tom Yam here is good, filled with squids, prawns, fish, mushrooms and spices. It is a great balance of the different flavours. Enjoy while it’s hot!


I can’t explain how much I love this Oyster Omelette. The best I have eaten all these years. Never leave T&K without ordering this! The egg is just so flavourful. You just got to try this!


Grilled Squid that is soft and juicy, yet a little smokey.


Have you tried Fried Prawn Cakes? Don’t forget to dip the sweet plum sauce provided. It makes it even more delicious!

Everybody leaves this place with a happy stomach and a happy smile! Don’t miss it!


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  • If you go during dinner time, many taxis will not want to bring you there due to the jam. Either wait for a taxi which brings you there or take a MRT to Hua Lumphong Station.
  • T&K Seafood staff are  in green shirts
  • Bangkok’s Chinatown is known as “Yaowarat”


T&K Seafood
49-51 Soi Phading Dao,
Yaowarat Road,
Bangkok 10100.
Tel: +66 2223 4519

Opening Hours
Daily: 1630 – 0200


Option 1:  Taxi
The most convenient way to get there

Option 2:  MRT – Hua Lumphong
It’s about 15mins walk to Yaowarat

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