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Tokyo Coffee Festival – A Fair That Can’t Be Missed For Serious Coffee Lovers

By China Kawamura

Tokyo Coffee Festival first started in Autumn 2015 as ‘Tokyo Coffee Festival 2015 Autumn’, and the second time was held in Winter. This time, I had the chance to go visit Tokyo Coffee Festival 2016 Spring and it was amazing!

There were various coffee (and some food) stands from all over Japan gathered at UNU (United Nations University) Farmer’s Market located in Omotesando.

At the festival, you can get a set of testing tickets, where you can taste dripped coffee from 5 different stands for just ¥1,000.



The first cup of coffee I got to try was from Tiki’s coffee’s stand.


The soft berry-like aroma was a great combination to its slight acidity.


Then I tried an iced coffee from Nagasaki Coffee with a fruity-earthy taste.




After waiting in long queues and wandering around the fair, I finally found a coffee stand that I personally loved the most!

It was a dripped Mandelin beans coffee, from quark+grenier. It had a perfect body of bitterness and a very clean taste. Very captivating.


However, after a quick search, I realised that the main shop is located in Mie Prefecture, which is around 4 hours away from Tokyo.

So on the next day, I went to this stand again to cherish another cup of coffee to perfectly wrap up the Tokyo Coffee Festival 2016 Spring.


Although the spring festival is over, don’t worry! If you are coming to Tokyo during the end of September, you can visit Tokyo Coffee Festival 2016 Autumn and discover your perfect cup of coffee too! 🙂

 Tokyo Coffee Festival 2016 Autumn is going to be held on the 24th and 25th September 2016 and you can find more information about it at

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China Kawamura

China Kawamura

Chinakawa is a half Thai-Japanese, born and raised in Bangkok. Now, she is based in Tokyo as a full time student, and a part time cafe hopper. In her free time, she enjoys going to museums, chilling at the park and taking photos. She is passionate in hunting for good food. Distance and obstacles are never problems for her when it comes to eating!

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