Tokyo Tower is Tokyo’s iconic observatory since 1958.  Tourists from all over the world come here to see the tower, much like how people will flock to see the  Eiffel Tower in Paris.


At  night, you get a really  beautiful view of Tokyo Tower.


Be greeted by two cute mascots before entering the foot town to get your tickets.


There are two observatories in Tokyo Tower. The main observatory stands at 150m while the special observatory stands at 250m.

The entry to main observatory costs 900 ¥  for adult and 500 ¥ for children while the special observatory costs  700 ¥  for adult and 500 ¥ for children. Of course, if you intend to visit both, you can get a special rate of  1600 ¥ for adult and 1000 ¥ for children.


After enjoying the views of Tokyo, you can head down to purchase some souvenirs for your friends and families back home.


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