Tom Yam Paa Nga is a simple cart stall located in Pratunam (just outside Citin Pratunam) and as the name suggests, they sell Tom Yam here. You can easily find Tom Yam in every part of Bangkok / Thailand. So, what’s so special about this Tom Yum? It is Halal and the taste is authentic!

tomyumpaanga-tomyum1 tomyumpaanga-tomyum2

They only sell Tom Yum here and you can specify the level of your spiciness. The price starts from an affordable 100฿.


The taste of this Tom Yam is authentic with very generous amount of mushrooms and prawns. If you already had dinner, the best is to share this with your friends as this bowl of soup is easily for 2 pax.


If you are eating at the stall and not taking away, you will also enjoy some entertainment from the owner. :)


Ending this post with a picture of the friendly owner and me! If you want to see more photos of the owner and his customers, do check out their Facebook Page.