Too Fast To Sleep is a 24 hour cafe in Bangkok, mainly catering to students, especially popular with students from nearby Chulalongkorn University. Although this cafe is popular for its coffee, desserts and sweets, people usually don’t just come here for coffee. They actually come here to study!


When entering the building, you will see a big door which leads to a restaurant. Yes, you are right! Just walk straight in and you will see a flight of stairs up to level 2.


This staircase is so unique with books used as handles.


This section is open 24 hours and entering here, you will see a very big room with high ceilings, bookshelves filled with books and lots of tables and chairs. And students, of course.


I came back at 12am and the crowd was just not what I expected. Shouldn’t students be home sleeping? I was expecting to come here to relax and have a cup of coffee but was surprised to see a huge crowd even at such a timing.


But this is good news for students or people who are night owls and do not want to study at home. At least, they have a comfortable place to study here. And what’s even better, there is free Wifi and lots of plug sockets.


And so, I managed to get myself a seat and ordered a cup of latte.


And all that above is what you have for 24-hours cafe. If you are coming to Too Fast To Sleep during the day, you will have more options of both food and also space to study. Take a look below!


You can have delicious Macarons or even Cakes!


The Rainbow Crepe Cake here is decent but I would not say its a must try!


Enter this door and a large study space awaits you. Personally, I like the space here as it’s more interesting and cosy.


You can even choose the kind of seats you prefer.


Which would I choose? Of course the ones with cushion. My close friends would know that I am very particular about seats! Haha.


And now, the restaurant when you enter Too Fast To Sleep. They sell main dishes and surprisingly, it tastes good but as you can see from the picture, it’s on the oily side.

toofasttosleep-tomyumfriedrice toofasttosleep-signaturetofu toofasttosleep-rosellejuice

So, I came here 3 separate times to capture everything here. Is it convenient? Yes, if you take the MRT. It’s located at MRT Sam Yan, directly opposite Chamchuri Square and beside ย Wat Hua Lamphong.

+ Like

A interesting concept, giving night owls a place to hide after midnight.

– Dislike

More sections should be opened after midnight to cater to the high demand.

= Conclusion

If you are looking for a interesting place for a meal or desserts, you can consider this place as the space is quite big for the daytime. But bear in mind that majority here are students who are studying, so your preferred seats might not be available to you for quite some time.