The following popular restaurant chains are mostly available at major shopping centres in Bangkok!


Cuisine: Thai, Western

Black Canyon Coffee is practically in every corner of Bangkok. With 200 outlets in Thailand, you surely won’t miss it!  Want a cup of coffee? Forget about Starbucks! Head on down to Black Canyon Coffee and find a place to sit. It is nicely furnished and definitely a good place for you to relax and chill. If you want to have a  bite, they serve a wide variety of food as well.  As their tagline suggests, “A drink from Paradise… Available on Earth”. Have a try and see if you are really in paradise?

Black Canyon Coffee


Cuisine: Japanese
Delivery: –

Fuji Japanese Restaurant is touted as one of the best places to have cheap, fresh and delicious Japanese food. Singaporeans will be familiar with this restaurant since Japanese food is a popular choice. Do check out their wide selection of food!

fuji restaurant


Cuisine: Thai, Chinese
Delivery: (02) 248-5555

MK Restaurant is a place for thai-style sukiyaki (hotpot / steamboat). It is basically cooking your freshly ordered food (meat, seafood, vegetables, noodles) in a hot pot of soup, with options of tom yam, chicken, pork,  herbal or mala. Dip the cooked food in their homemade chilli sauce! It is healthy, delicious and is the one of the best in Thailand. If you don’t fancy sukiyaki, they also serve rice and noodles. MK Restaurant is also famous for their roasted duck and pork. Do order it when you are there!


Cuisine: Thai, Chinese, Western, Japanese
Delivery: 1344

S&P serves a wide variety of food but they are still famous for their Thai dishes. You get to enjoy authentic Thai food in a comfortable air-conditioned setting.




Cuisine: Fast Food (Chicken)
Delivery: 1145

Chester’s Grill is famous for their chicken dishes and the sweet sauce (poured on the rice). Other than fried stuff, they also serve grilled/baked chicken, burger, hot dog, spaghetti and salad. They have a variety of set meals which you can order at the counter. Even though its a fast food restaurant, you can return to your seats to wait for you food as the waiter/waitress will serve the food to you! Good food and service at an incredibly low price.