Toriyoshi is a popular Izakaya chain serving up delicious food in a comfortable setting. What drew me here was their chicken dishes.


I went to Shinjuku outlet which was not located on ground level. You have to look at the signboard to locate this restaurant.


As with all Izakaya chain, you will be given a appetiser which you have to pay for even if you don’t consume it.  The appetiser tasted something similar to mash potatoes. At least it’s better than giving me raw lettuce.


Fresh Tofu – I love the presentation here. The tofu was really soft and if you want to eat quality tofu, this is the place to go to!


Chicken Nanban – This is something like karrage but it’s lightly fried and the chicken inside the coat was so juicy and tender. They then drizzle the homemade tartar sauce over it. I can finish this by myself!


Chicken Wings – This is the star at Toriyoshi! The Nagoya style chicken wing is lightly coated and seasoned with your choice of coat (sweet, spicy and extra spicy).

This is extremely addictive and I will come back anytime just for this.


I like how this place is comfortable, spacious and yet serves up really quality chicken dishes. Despite being a chain restaurant, they really did well in maintaining the quality and this is definitely a must-visit if you love to eat chicken wings!

[Tokyo] Toriyoshi (鳥良)