When you fly to Japan, you have to first decide whether to land in  Narita or Haneda Airport. The next  thing to  decide will be the transportation mode from the airport to your hotel.

Below, you can find the various  modes of transport to get out of Narita Airport but my advise to you is still to check with your hotel for the most convenient mode.


#1 Narita Express (NEX)

Price: 3190 ¥ (one-way), 4000 ¥ (return)

For direct access to major train stations such as Shibuya and Shinjuku, this is the best option!


The ticket counter is in red and after taking the escalator down to basement, you should be able to spot them.


Seats on NEX are allocated so you have to head to the correct car and correct seats.


Do take note of the timing. The timing shown on the ticket is the time which the train will depart from the station. So make sure you are at the platform early. Trains in Japan are extremely punctual.


The suave looking NEX train.


The interior is so clean. Colour me impressed!

#2  Skyliner

Price: 2200 ¥ (one-way), 4300 ¥ (return)

Skyliner claims to offer the quickest travel time to downtown Tokyo (Nippori and Ueno). However, you will need to transfer trains to get to Shinjuku.


If you only intend to get one-way ticket, this might probably be the cheapest option. However, if you are heading to Shinjuku with heavy luggages, I would advice you to take the NEX.


As usual, be on time!


The interior is clean but  the trains are not as new as those on NEX.

#3  Local Lines

There are local lines but I don’t recommend you to take them because they travel at slower speeds and do not have luggage storage space. It can also get very crowded and it’s definitely not worth all the  trouble.


#4 Airport Limousine Bus


For some hotels, it might be more convenient to take the Airport Limousine Bus because they stop directly at several hotels. Check with your hotel for more information.


A one way trip costs  3100 ¥ and a return will cost 4500 ¥, depending on promotions held then. The journey takes about 60-90 minutes depending on your destination.

#5  Keisei Express Bus (Tokyo Shuttle)

If you are going direct to Tokyo station, this is the best and  cheapest option at only 1000 ¥ one way for a 90 minutes journey.

Choose the most appropriate option depending on your budget and convenience. Don’t think about taking the taxis unless you are feeling super rich and don’t have anywhere to spend the money.

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