For our first panel discussion, we have 4 Travel KOLs specialising in Thailand content, coming together on 15 May (Friday) for a panel discussion on “What is the new norm for travels after Covid-19?”


Here are the timestamps for your reference:

04:22: Introduction of every panelist

07:05: How are the panelist coping during this COVID-19 period in your country?

13:48: When travellers are able to travel, what do you think would be a concern when making purchases? What will be the new consumer behaviour?

We can expect to see new consumer behaviour such as social distancing to be the new norm. Pricing is definitely a big concern for travellers as brands will now incur higher costs due to new implementations. Brands should then assure and be transparent about the pricing.

With that being said, flexibility and longer validity dates for vouchers are important to allow travellers to make the new purchase of air tickets, hotels and tours. This reduces the risk of cancellations as well.

Travellers might avoid crowded places and that may also mean travellers will choose to visit smaller provinces. In a good way, it helps boost tourism at these provinces and having domestic travel open first will allow brands to test out the new initiatives and iron out problems before welcoming tourists back.

As to when we are all able to travel freely, it is really dependent on the individual countries. Ultimately, we feel that it is important for brands to communicate with travellers to keep their information and initiatives updated so that travellers can make the right decision when the time is right.

37:25: What are the new norms for shopping malls in Bangkok?

There will be QR code scanning for contract tracing but how will it be implemented for tourists?

47:46: Can shopping malls really control the crowd?

Are shopping malls going to limit the number of entries and exits? How are they going to control the crowd?

54:50: What’s new in Bangkok now?

There are not many new happenings in Bangkok but the latest would have to be The Commons Saladaeng and they will also face challenges and the whole community mall is designed for community dining which is now restricted.

58:38: What do you think about the future of hotels?

For the generic hospitality industry, we see brands mentioning things like virtual check-in/out, goodbye to buffets and hello to ala-carte and limited housekeeping services. Can such measures be implemented?

1:01:05: What will happen to Thai hospitality in hotels?

In Thailand’s situation for being well-known for Thai hospitality, if such measures were to take place, it seems to have lost the essence of Thai hospitality and we then won’t be able to experience even the simplest Thai smile and with that, what’s the point of travelling to Thailand?

1:07:00: What will happen to hotels that cater to group tours?

We don’t see group tours coming back soon and hence hotels should take the time to come up with new initiatives to attract a brand new consumer base.

1:14:10: Why brands should target a wide range of demographics?

1:17:20: Why you should check out other provinces in Thailand?

1:19:45: This is perhaps the time to promote the other provinces in Thailand?

1:25:45: How Danny gets inspirations on writing his travel book

1:28:10: Why new travellers are missing the essence of travelling?

1:31:00: Why we always want to experience it for ourselves before writing about it? / Remincinsing about delicious Fried Rice from Here Hai restaurant and seafood from Savoey Restaurant.

1:36:38: Can spa/massage parlours weather this storm? Why we recommend bigger and popular brands of massage parlours.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty about the future of travels and the new norm but it will be clearer when the industry starts to open and we will keep you guys updated of the new happenings. Do stay tuned to our platforms.