Tteokbokki is a popular Korean food which you must eat when in South Korea. It is actually soft rice cake in  sweet red chili sauce called gochujang.

You can usually find Tteokbokki along the streets or places such as Gwangjang Market. I don’t really like to stand while eating and I need to avoid the cold weather outside.


While walking around Myeongdong Underground Shopping, I chanced upon this shop selling just fishcakes and tteokbokki. Looking at  the crowd in this shop, I thought that it must be good!


There were 2 variations, one with a thicker gravy while the other was more soupy.


I couldn’t resist and since it was time for my dinner, I should have it settled here before heading out to Myeongdong for more street food.


I’m glad I came in here because I tried several tteokbokki around Seoul and this happened to be my favourite. The sweet chilli sauce, the softness of the rice cake and fish cake just hit the spot!

Now I wish I was staying in Myeongdong so that I can drop by daily to get my fix of tteokbokki.

[Seoul] Tteokbokki Myeongdong