Tuk Tuk Cha has a new outlet at  Hillion Mall and we got to try their new food menu.

From just one outlet at Suntec City, they have expanded to 12 outlets all around our tiny island. Tuk Tuk Cha seems to have taken over Singapore.

You can find their new  outlet at #01-03/04 of Hillion Mall, a new mall located at Bukit Panjang which thanks to the downtown line is now easily accessible, less than half an hour away from Bugis.

Aroi Mak Mak was invited to try out their new menu which got me very excited.  Watch our first impressions of the new dishes available at Hillion Mall in the Youtube video below.


I have always loved their Golden  Toast and Green Thai Milk Tea but now there are so many more goodies to add to my list.

Introducing their  amazing value meal menu, these combos are priced at only $9.80 and are available for the whole day. In a value meal, you get a main + a drink which is a really good deal. There are 5 drink options you can choose from to pair with your meal.

From left to right, there is Homemade Lemongrass, Thai Green Milk Tea, Thai Milk Tea,  Thai milk Coffee and Homemade Roselle.

My personal favorite is the Thai Green Milk Tea. You can also choose your preferred sugar level  to cater to your liking so say bye to  worries about your Thai Milk Tea being too sweet or not sweet enough.

All these drinks are priced at  $3(Reg) or $3.50(large) if you buy them a la carte.

If you noticed, Tuk Tuk Cha is free of  pork or lard. They also have a queue system which calls out your order number when it is ready.

After which, just head to the food pick up point to collect your goodies. GST and service charge is already included in their prices so there are no  extra charges.  It was very busy on a Friday afternoon but the team was able handle the crowds well.

Beginning with my ultimate favourite, the Green Curry Rice($7.80), also available with noodles if you aren’t a fan of rice. The green curry was really smooth and milky and I loved it so much.

If you love coconut milk, you will definitely love this. This was the 2nd last dish we tried so we were already very full by then but it still tasted amazing. I have to say it is definitely one of my top favourite green curries ever.

There is also the Basil Chicken Rice ($7.80) which I would say ranks really high in my favourites from Singapore. The spiciness is mild so it does not burn your tongue and leave you sweating throughout your meal. The meat is very well marinated and chewy and the egg yolk was a little flowy.

We all fell in love with their Phat Thai ($7.80) from the very first mouth. It was not very spicy but was super flavourful and chewy. Overall all the ingredients blended very well together and it was really good.

Next, the Tom Yum Fried Rice  ($7.80). This dish smells so amazing you can almost already taste the tom yum just from smelling it. If your spicy food tolerance is not the best, fret not because this does not burn and the tom yum is strong but the spiciness is subtle. The only thing that could have made this even better was the rice. It was a little soft for our liking but overall, I really enjoyed this dish.

If you do not fancy tom yum, here is the Pineapple Fried Rice ($7.80). Once again, we found the rice a little  soft but then again, it  kind of reminds me of my favourite Pork Chop Fried Rice at Din Tai Fung. It is not exactly the same but the texture is similar.

Now, I mentioned that the above few dishes were not incredibly spicy but that is not the case for their entire menu. Presenting to you, the spiciest dish we tried from their menu, Yammama (Spicy Thai seafood noodle salad) ($6.80).

This definitely set my tongue ablaze while keeping me wanting more. I would say that this dish is more spicy than sour but it is the kind of spice that keeps you hooked. You know when your tongue is burning but you just cannot stop eating? This certainly left that effect on me.

But all is good with some Thai milk tea.

Next is the Yen Tau Foo($7.80)  and this is the Dry version. Everyone else liked the soup versions more but for me, I liked the dry version the most. I love the sauce and I think it goes so well together with the chewy noodles and generous amounts of ingredients. I especially loved the cuttlefish.

Next we have the Yen Tau Foo($7.80) in the Soup version. The soup won everyone over. There seems to be more flavour in the ingredients in the soup version than in the dry.

Lastly, the Yen Tau Foo($7.80) in the Tom Yum Soup version. I think the menu really has a wide variety to suit everyone’s needs. The Yen Tau Foo Soup is perfect for anyone who does not eat spicy food because most Thai soups are spicy. As for those who are looking for that spice, there is the Tom Yum version.

It was a filling meal indeed but we all have a separate stomach reserved for dessert right?

How can you go to Tuk Tuk Cha without ordering some Shibuya toast! We got the Thai Tea Shibuya Toast ($11.90) and it was heavenly. Just looking at a picture of it and thinking about it right now is making me crave for it so hard.

The toast is so crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The caramel biscuits go so well with the toast and the whipped cream with salted caramel sauce was so amazing. The ice cream was average but the toast has got to be the best I have ever tried.

Shibuya aside, we also ordered the Garlic Golden Toast ($4.20). Have you ever tried toast with chili? Because that’s exactly it. If you love garlic bread, you have got to order this.

Personally, my favourite is still the milo and condensed milk and the pandan kaya golden toasts because I have a huge sweet tooth.

[Singapore] Tuk Tuk Cha @ Hillion Mall

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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