Updated – 1 December 2016: Tuk Tuk Cha (Thai Milk Tea cafe) started operations last year and had already opened 8  outlets till date! Apart from their signature Thai drinks, they also sell Thai toast which is so good (think After You’s Shibuya Thick Toast)! It really brought me back to Bangkok for a few moments!

While searching for this shop, I literally smelled the scent of Thai tea leaves and I followed the smell and eventually located this shop.


I like the simple deco of this cafe, with a part of a real Tuk Tuk inside.


Thai Milk Tea (Cold) [S$3.00] – Definitely the number 1 seller of this cafe. Freshly brewed Thai Milk Tea by Thai staff using authentic Thai ingredients. Over here, you get the right balance of both the taste of milk and tea.

I tried 2 versions, the original Thai version and reduced sugar version. By now, my tongue is really accustomed to Thai taste so naturally I prefer the original version without reducing anything. What about you? It seems that Singaporeans prefer the  less sweet  version. Worry no more because you can now choose your preferred sugar level from 0%-125%!

Thai Green Milk Tea (Cold)  [S$3.00] – The second best seller is the Green Tea version and if you have not tried Green Milk Tea, you really should. It might just be your favourite after trying.

Now, here comes an amazing surprise.

Golden Toast with Pandan Kaya
[S$4.20] –  After my first bite of this toast, I fell in love with it. It really reminds me of After You’s Shibuya Thick Toast. The crispy exterior and soft inside is almost similar to that of After You’s Shibuya Thick Toast. Except this comes with dips such as homemade Pandan Kaya and Taro Kaya. I like the Pandan Kaya version!

I told lady boss Khum Aum (who also owns Khun Mee Thai / Thai Boat Noodles @ Bedok, with the standard of your toast, you should really start selling Shibuya Thick Toast. It is only lacking the ice cream and maple syrup. And shortly after, this came out!


Aloha Coconut Shibuya Thick Toast  [S$11.50] – Probably the cheapest Shibuya Toast in Singapore right now but this one hits the right notes perfectly. The coconut ice cream with soft coconut flesh and flakes goes so well with the toast. If you don’t like Coconut, they have other versions such as Mango, Chocolate and Matcha.

It’s the closest you can get if you love After You’s Shibuya Thick Toast from Bangkok. It’s not exactly the same version but the crisp exterior and soft buttery interior is so good!

Some other delicious eats from Tuk Tuk Cha:


Tom Yam Toast with Chicken Floss & Egg  [S$4.00] -If you like your food spicy, try this Tom Yam Toast with Chicken Floss and Egg. It is spicy yet it goes well with the sweetness of the floss. Very nice bite to it.


Cocoyolk [S$5.80] – 3 scoops of coconut ice cream with egg yolk, a speciality from Thailand. The egg yolk gives the ice cream a different texture and I felt it also helps to neutralise the sweetness a little. The peanut and secret coconut sauce gives it extra flavours that makes the whole ice cream even more delicious!


Mini Tom Yam Noodle, Beef Boat Noodle and Chicken Boat Noodle  [S$1.90] – There are only available at Sun Plaza and Junction 8 and they make good lunch and dinner options!


Beef Noodle Soup  [S$8.80] –  If you are big eater and love beef noodles, go straight for the big bowl.


Northern Tom Yam Noodles  [S$9.80] –  Tom Yam Noodles, who doesn’t love it?


DIY Waffles  [S$9.80] –  You can choose your preferred waffles and ice cream flavours.


Brand New! Garlic Golden Toast – This reminds me of the delicious soft toast at Chatuchak Weekend Market and this is just as good!

There’s so much more to try at Tuk Tuk Cha, you just have to head down and check it out for yourselves!

  • Waterway Point, Punggol (with seatings)
  • Nex, Serangoon  (#02-12)  (with seatings)
  • Novena Square (#01-68/69)  (with seatings)