U Khao Yai hotel is another themed hotel in Khao Yai which doesn’t feel like you are in Thailand. U Khao Yai is a spacious resort designed after an elegant French country estate.


Are we in the right place? Yes, definitely.



The lobby is spacious and there’s enough space for you to have a sit while check-in is being processed.



As you walk around the compound of U Khao Yai, you will be immersed in nature as you find greens all around you with the mountains of Khao Yai National Park as your backdrop.


You can also cycle around the resort to explore more if you are lazy to walk.

When your room is ready, you will be asked to choose the prefered scent of your soap as part of the “U Choose Programme” by U hotels.


U Khao Yai makes a good family holiday resort and they have 63 rooms and suites which are relatively spacious as compared to hotels in Bangkok.


The beds are soft and comfortable and what we like is the space of the room! A super wide-angle lens is required in order to really justify the space using the picture.


The bathroom ย is also spacious and beautifully themed.


Perhaps the most impressive will be the view straight from your balcony!

Breakfast @ Papillon Restaurant


If you don’t want to travel out for meals and just want to relax in the resort, you will be happy to know that the Papillon Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can find Thai, French and Western cuisine here.


Breakfast is also good enough to fill your stomach and what we like about the breakfast here is that you can get special coffee/drinks such as Iced Mocha. This is something which most hotels doesn’t offer.




A good place to chill out in the resort has to be the swimming pool, overviewing the beautiful nature of Khao Yai.


There’s also a well equipt gym behind the swimming pool.


For families with children, you will be happy to know that there’s also a playroom on the second level of the hotel.

U Khao Yai hotel is close to Khao Yai National Park and not exactly along the main busy streets of Khao Yai so if you really want to be away from the majority and have some peace in your own resort, U Khao Yai is definitely a good option.

U Khao Yai