In recent years, Khao Yai has been gaining popularity among tourists. Khao Yai is about 2-3 hours drive from Bangkok and it is a popular weekend getaway for Bangkok residents. If you are someone who loves nature and want a place to relax, you need to visit Khao Yai.

In this guide, we will cover your queries of Where To Go, Where To Stay and What To Eat! The whole list below requires about 5-8 days to visit so you can pick and choose the places that you want to visit. 3D2N is highly recommended if you want to explore Khao Yai/Pak Chong. Trust us, a day trip is never sufficient!

Getting Around


Most of the time, I prefer renting a car because it makes exploring places easier. Especially for Khao Yai, the distance to travel to every different place may take from 15-30 minutes and they are not really located close to each other.

If you don’t intend to rent a car, then you will have these 2 options left. There’s no private hire, taxi or Grab in Khao Yai itself.

  1. Look for your own driver and car to take you from Bangkok<>Khao Yai
  2. Book a customised private tour from Klook

When To Visit?

The best time to visit when all the attractions are open will be from November to February. Of course, this will be considered their high season and hotels might be more expensive. During this period, the weather is also more cooling due to “Thailand’s winter”.

Where To Go?

#1 PB Valley Khao Yai Winery

PB Valley Khaoyai Winery is the first and largest vineyard in Khao Yai and they have professional guided tours around for you to learn something about wines.

You get  to experience what the grapes went through, from harvesting to bottling!

Finally, get to have a taste of PB Valley’s wine!

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Entrance Fee: 350฿ (Tour Timings –  8:30am,  10am,  11:30am,  1pm; 2:30pm and 4pm)
Opening Hours:  Daily: 8am – 8pm

#2 GranMonte Asoke Valley

There is no shortage of wineries in Khao Yai. Granmonte Winery is another family winery which is gaining popularity in Khao Yai. Wine lovers should visit all of them to try out the different wines!

As usual, you get to visit their winery to learn about the process of making wines. You definitely won’t want to miss their wine tasting sessions to have a taste of their wines!

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Entrance Fee: 330฿
Opening Hours:  Daily: 7:30am – 8pm

#3  Khao Yai National Park


Khao Yai National Park is Thailand’s first national park and third largest national park in Thailand, covering more than 2,000 square kilometres of forest and grassland. It is also named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


There are many hiking routes, viewpoints and waterfalls in the park and you will easily take 3-6 hours to really explore the park.


Entrance Fee:  400฿ (Adult), 200฿ (Children)
Opening Hours:  Daily:  6am – 6pm

#4 Scenical World  Amusement and Water Theme Park

Scenical World has both an amusement theme park and a water theme park, all in one place. They had a renovation recently and now this place looks impressive.

It is a good place for families and friends to have some thrilling fun! We were here on a weekday at it was so quiet! You can literally have the whole park to yourself. Be prepared for some crowds on weekend though.

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Entrance Fee:  Refer to website
Opening Hours:  Daily: 10am – 6pm (Close on Wednesday)

#5 Farm Chock Chai

Farm Chock Chai has to be one of the most popular attractions in Khao Yai because of it’s advanced establishment. They have proper 2 hour tours to bring you around their farm and you will also get to learn how your bottled milk come about.

You get to see how cows are milked, the sterilisation till bottling  process. It is definitely more of an eye opener for your child. Please check their website for the schedule of the tour as there are only 2 tours on weekdays.

Entrance Fee:  300฿ (Adult), 150฿ (Children)
Opening Hours:  Daily: 8am – 7:30pm (Close on Monday)

#6 Thai Massage Center


There are many good spas in Khao Yai. We know that sometimes you just want to have a very basic and good Thai massage. We asked the locals and this is the one they recommended. It’s not exactly easy to find but located just opposite Scenical World Theme Park, there’s this hidden Thai massage house.


Very local Thai style as you can see from the pictures. You can be guaranteed of a good local Thai massage and of course, expect to see lots of locals here. It can get quite crowded at times!

#7 Rose Spa

Rose Spa is located inside Thames Valley Hotel and if you happen to be staying there, it makes going to the spa even more convenient. For those who are looking to pamper yourselves with a good spa session which is more private, this is an option for you!

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Opening Hours:  Daily: 9am – 8pm

#8 Khao Yai Speedkart ATV

In Khao Yai, there are several places where you can ride go-kart and ATV but having seen their terrain and condition of the cars, a highly recommended one will be at Khao Yai Speedkart! Over here, you can ride go-karts, ATVs as well as visit a  little horse farm.

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Opening Hours:  Daily: 9am – 7pm

#9 Bonanza Exotic Zoo Khao Yai

Are you visiting Khao Yai with kids? If you are, then you should really visit The Bonanza Exotic Zoo in Khao Yai. This small zoo exhibits more than 50 types of exotic animals and there are various feedings available at some exhibits.

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Entrance Fee:  100฿ (Adult), 50฿ (Children)
Opening Hours:
 Daily: 10am – 5pm

#10 Pak Chong Night Market


Pak Chong Night Market is the place to go for local street eats! It’s the only “big” night market in the area but don’t expect it to be as big as those you find in Bangkok!


Keep your expectations low. You will find the usual shops selling clothes, shoes, handphone accessories and of course food!

Opening Hours:  Daily: 5pm – 10pm

#11 The Birder’s Lodge Farmer’s Market

The Birder’s Lodge Farmer’s Market is currently open every Friday to Sunday from 10 am and the vendors all bring very different and unique offerings to their stores and you will never know  what treasure you can find here.

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Opening Hours:  Friday to Sunday: 10am – 5pm

#12 Primo Piazza


Primo Piazza is like another small Italian Village with many photo opportunities.


The entrance fee includes free feeding of alpaca.

Entrance Fee:  100฿ (Adult), 50฿ (Children)
Opening Hours:  Daily: 9am – 6pm

#13 Palio Village

Palio Village is one of Khao Yai’s most popular attractions! Every visitor need to at least stop by here to have some photos taken. Palio is like a small Italian village with several shops and corners for nice photos to be taken.


Opening Hours:  Daily: 9am – 6pm

#14 Khao Yai Panorama Farm

If you love mushrooms, you have to check out Khao Yai Panorama Farm. They focus on the development and cultivation of mushrooms. During the tour, you can see more than ten kinds of mushrooms being grown.

Opening Hours:  Daily: 8am – 6pm

#15 Ban Tha Chang Spring


Ban Tha Chang Spring is catered mainly to locals instead of tourists. Many locals come here for a dip and what’s amazing is that the spring is filled with crystalline light-blue water!

#16 Khao Yai Farm Village

Khao Yai Farm Village caters more  to children as they can join the several activities organised by the farm such as planting workshops, making of hand soap, baking banana cakes, etc.

Opening Hours:  Daily: 8:30am – 5:30pm

#17 Rai Maneesorn

aneesornSunflowerField_SIBAMM1.jpgPhoto Credit: Stranger in Bangkok

If you love sunflowers, you have to visit this place! “I have been to  sunflower fields before, but this is easily the best of all. It’s HUGE, and quite a sight. I would personally make a day trip just to see this.” – Eddie, Stranger in Bangkok

Photo Credit: Stranger in Bangkok

#18 Jim Thompson Farm

Jim Thompson Farm is only open for at most 2 months per year, usually in the range of December – January.

Photo Credit: Stranger in Bangkok

So if you happen to be in Khao Yai when they are open, you should really head down for a visit! What to expect there? Jim Thompson is the man who revitalised the Thai silk industry and today, it’s a renowned luxury Thai silk brand. In the farm tour, they are split into several sections.  Click here to read more!

What To Eat?

#18 Ban Mai Chay Nam

Ban Mai Chay Nam is located beside a river and its surroundings make this place so special and unique. When you arrive, walk into their museum featuring lots of superhero figures and vintage collectables from all over the world.

Choose your prefered seat and start ordering your favourite dishes.

After the delicious authentic Thai meal, walk around for more photos.

They recently opened their own resort and it’s definitely worth a look!  Read more…

Opening Hours:  Daily: 10am – 10pm

#19 The Birder’s Lodge Cafe

The Birder’s Lodge Cafe is a must-visit! The whole cafe is very aesthetically pleasing with a very minimalistic industrial theme. Besides that, the food and drinks are both instagrammable and delicious!

Their drinks are unique and beautiful. The Cotton Candy Drink is perfect for Instagram but be sure to snap away fast and get to eating your cotton candy before it melts away.

Another very memorable dish was this  Pork Fried Rice because it was so comforting and gave a homely feel.

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Opening Hours:  Daily: 8:30am – 6pm (9pm on Fri & Sat)

#20 Penlaos Restaurant


Penlaos is a popular Isaan food restaurant, frequented by Bangkok locals. If you are looking for good Isaan food, Penlaos won’t disappoint but do be prepared for a short wait during peak hours.


Opening Hours:  Daily: 9:30am – 6pm (Close on Tuesday)

#21 Midwinter Green


Midwinter Green makes a good place for a nice romantic dinner. Just look at the majestic structures which resemble European castles.

Most diners would prefer to dine al-fresco because of the nice view and also live band.


The food here is generally quite good but considered expensive by Thai standards. One of the must-order would be their “Midwinter Pizza”.


For those who prefer a cleaner and air-conditioned setting, you will be happy to know of this available option.

Opening Hours:  Daily: 10am – 10pm (11pm on Friday & Saturday)

#22 Umm! Milk

Umm! Milk originated from Khao Yai and they sell really good milkshake and ice cream. One taste of it and you probably would fall in love. You can also find them in Bangkok, at major well-established shopping malls.


#23 The Castle Restaurant

The Castle Restaurant is located inside the Thames Valley Hotel. In fact, we were very impressed by the quality of the food here. Every one of them tasted so delicious and one worth mentioning was their Calamari Salad. This is probably one of the best calamari we had!

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Opening Hours:  Daily: 11am – 10:30pm

#24 Please Don’t Tell Khaoyai


As the name suggests, “Don’t Tell”, but you just have to tell it to everyone you know because this place is simply amazing.


The views, decor and drinks are all worth visiting and trying.


They are the highest cafe in Khao Yai and the also have the longest coffee bar (probably in Thailand).

Opening Hours:  Daily: 8:30am – 5:30pm

#25 Pirom Cafe

Pirom Cafe is one of the newest and most popular cafes in Khao Yai. As you can see from the pictures, it offers an extremely nice view of the lake and mountains when you sit outdoors.


They offer several drinks and snacks for you to chill your afternoons away. Don’t miss out their potato wedges and fried sushi!


If you have too much cash to spare and want to buy land to build your own house in Khao Yai, enquire and go for a tour at Pirom at Vineyard!

Opening Hours:  Daily: 10am – 6pm

#26 Mountful Khaoyai

Mountful Khaoyai is considerably new, having opened its doors only in the recent years, and is ran by the same group of people behind “Big Mount”, a restaurant adjacent to the café. Stepping in, we were amazed by the amount of natural light, vastly in contrast to the dark windows seen from the outside. The café maintained a clean and minimal theme throughout, with yellow lights hanging off the ceiling, bringing warmth to the overall ambience. The open concept and space is also a welcomed change, we can imagine staying here for hours.

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Opening Hours: Daily: 9am ”“ 5pm (Close on Tuesday and Wednesday)

#27 Khaoyai The Mango House Farm


If you have a sudden craving for Mango Sticky Rice while you’re in Khao Yai, you are in luck! In the past, it’s quite challenging to find Mango Sticky Rice even though it’s such a popular Thai dessert. Most visitors to were Thai locals but it’s no longer the same. Khao Yai is now visited by many tourists. I guess this is what the owners felt and hence KhaoYai the mango house farm was born. Deeper research on this place revealed a story to preserve the heritage of Pak Chong Khao Yai being agricultural land, one of the best plantations in the country.    If you love Mango Sticky Rice, do drop by to support them because they are also probably serving the best Mango Sticky Rice in Khao Yai!


Opening Hours: Daily: 8:30am ”“ 5pm (Close on Tuesday)

#28 The Chocolate Factory


Recommended by almost every other website on Khao Yai, you just have to pay a visit. It’s indeed a beautiful restaurant both in the day and night. They serve mains but we felt that the price was generally on the high side. Of course, this is the place for chocolate lovers to get some small souvenirs too.


Opening Hours:  Daily: 9:30am – 9:30pm

#29 Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank


Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank is the place to go to if you are into all things “Instagram”. Almost every corner of the “dark space” is good for photos. Of course, you need to get some of their items on the menu to pair it with your photos.

Opening Hours:  Friday to Sunday: 9am – 7pm

#30 Lookkai Khao Yai


Lookkhai Khaoyai is a popular restaurant with both locals and tourists. They have some signature dishes which are quite good but unfortunately was sold out when we were there.


This corn soup was amazing though. Easily one of the better ones in Thailand.


Don’t leave without buying some of their rice crackers with pork floss. The rice crackers are so crisp thin and it’s unlike any rice crackers you have eaten. It’s also very addictive, no wonder they sell it in boxes too!

Opening Hours:  Daily: 10am – 10pm

#31 Suwan Farm Sweet Corn

Don’t forget to drop by Suwan Farm’s Sweet Corn to get some freshly steamed sweet corn and corn milk. Locals stop by and by them in boxes! You won’t regret a short stop here because the sweet corn is simply amazing, so sweet and delicious!


Opening Hours:  Daily: 9am – 5:30pm

#32 Dairy Home Farm Shop

DairyHomeFarmShop_SIBAMM1.jpgPhoto Credit: Stranger in Bangkok
“Dairy Home is one of the most popular milk brands among expat mums in Bangkok, as they produce organic milk from grass-fed cows. Don’t leave without their excellent ice-cream, which was lauded as Haagen Daz-quality by one of my companions. 2 scoops plus any one of their cute cups will set you back only by 80THB. In terms of price vs quality, this could be the best ice cream deal in Thailand.” – Eddie, Stranger in Bangkok
Photo Credit: Stranger in Bangkok
Opening Hours:  Daily: 9am – 7:30pm

#33 Ribs Mannn

Many locals visit Ribs Mannn if they are fans of the grill. They are famous for their ribs as well as local food such as grilled pork neck! Enjoy the good food in a nice environment with some live music.


Opening Hours:  Daily: 11am – 10pm

#34 Lan Lee Lar Restaurant


We lost quite a fair bit of our photos this is a beautiful and nice place to have one of your meals. The food is delicious and if you come at the right time, you can even sit near the “pond” for some nice photos.

Opening Hours:  Daily: 10am – 10pm (Close on Tuesday)

#35 The Mew

The Mew Cafe is  a homemade  bakery which only opens on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. So, remember not to come here during the weekdays as they won’t be open.

They import their teas from all around the world, which you can ask them about when choosing your tea. The Mew is a good place if you are looking for a comfortable place to chill and relax.

Opening Hours:  Friday to Sunday: 10am – 9:30pm

#36 Fairy’s Scone House Khaoyai


For scone lovers, there’s a small cafe in Khao Yai which sells freshly baked scones with different flavours. If you are craving for some special scones, here’s the place to check out!


Opening Hours:  Daily: 9am – 8pm  (Close on Tuesday)

Where To Stay?

#37 Escape Khao Yai

Escape Khao Yai is under the Sansiri group, renowned for their luxury condominiums and they maintain a high standard. It’s so beautiful that we made it our first stay in Khao Yai!

Remember to bring your camera and some nice outfits because Escape Khao Yai is  a really beautiful place to stay and we guarantee you that you will want to take some pictures at every corner.


Their theme is simple, minimalistic and elegant. From the lobby to the gardens, you will find this entire place totally Instagram-able. They have villas from 1-3 bedrooms depending on your needs.

Their villa comes with a private balcony and pool! Not a normal pool but one called “Sunken Heated Pool”. Apart from pool villas, they also have normal Deluxe Rooms where are equally beautiful as well.

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#38 Thames Valley Khao Yai ”“ The Fairytale Castle Themed Hotel

Thames Valley is one of the most popular choices among visitors to Khao Yai because the whole place has a fairytale castle theme!

Brick walls and bridges are common around Thames Valley as the whole hotel follows its castle theme. There are  a total of 10  different types of room you can consider when making your booking.

This is the Deluxe High Garden room which is 40 square meters in size. The decor and brick walls really  brought out the fairy tale castle theme of the hotel.

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#39 The Birder’s Lodge

The Birder’s Lodge offers an option to stay in their “tiny houses”. It is a more unique experience as compared to staying in a hotel your whole trip.

There is only 5 tiny house and you can have a barbecue outside too as each house comes with their own grill.

These tiny houses are all different from each other. Some come with a beautiful mountain view while the other one has a roof that you can climb onto. Each tiny house really has their own special feature.  It’s basically a nice cosy living space with lots of amenities!

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#40 U Khao Yai


U Khao Yai is a French-inspired resort with spacious and comfortable rooms. You won’t feel as if you are in Thailand as usual. The view here is just breathtaking and there are many beautiful spots to take photos.


Here’s the spacious room with a mega bed! This photo doesn’t do justice to the space of the room but believe us, it’s big! Check out the amazing view just outside the room from the balcony.


#41 My Ozone Khao Yai

My Ozone Khao Yai is a breathtaking luxury and wellness resort compromising of both hotel and villa. The resort is inspired by Tuscan style and many locals come here to visit Panacee Wellness Center for their health/wellness treatments.

At Panacee  Wellness, they also offer massage or spa treatments for customers. The air here is extremely fresh and is definitely a place to rejuvenate.

#42 Toscana Valley


Toscana Valley is an upscale residential community that celebrates the earthy simplicity of Tuscan living with artistic and thoughtfully design effort. It is  such a beautiful place and you totally won’t feel that you are in Thailand at all.


As you can see, one of our favourite views has to be in the pool! Unfortunately, we didn’t have to chance to stay here yet. But we are happy enough just to visit the poolside of Toscana Valley for now!


Yes, that’s a lot of information to digest and we are not done yet! There’s still so many restaurants and beautiful hotels to explore.

From the above recommended, you can basically mix and match according to your interest and the number of available dates you have to explore.

If you think that we missed out some attractions, feel free to drop us a comment below!

P.S. We visited The Bloom by TV Pool (biggest flower garden in Thailand) but was disappointed with the customer service and offerings (perhaps wrong season). You may want to check it out from November to February if you are a big fan of flowers. Thongsomboon Club was another theme park catered more for locals and we felt that the maintenance of the attractions could be better.  As such, we have omitted them from our list for now.  

Happy planning!

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