There are quite a number of water theme parks in Cha Am & Hua Hin. Vana Nava Hua Hin Water Jungle / Park is the newest to open in Hua Hin last year and it’s very popular with both locals and tourists. It is mega in size and high-tech and they also have the largest slide in Thailand.


Say hi to Vana and Nava!


The ticketing booth to purchase your ticket. You will then be given a RFID tag on your wrist. This theme park is very high-tech  which makes things very convenient for visitors.


Scan your RFID tag and let your adventure begin! Vana Nava is divided into 2 zones, Adventure and Water Jungle.

Adventure Zone


Don’t want to get wet yet? Try out the climbing wall and rope course.


It’s really time to get wet now! Have fun with the waves indoor at Chang Surf Zone.

There’s also an indoor arcade where you can play games with the machines.

Water Jungle Zonevananava-waterthemepark1

In Water Jungle zone, don’t leave without going for a ride at the largest water slide and the longest water slide in Thailand.


Abyss  –  the largest water slide in Thailand!  Up to 6 people can soar together to a height of 28 meters, share four or five near-vertical spins and then plummet into a huge funnel at speeds of over 45 km/h!


Boomerango –  the Longest water slide in Thailand. Experience weightlessness as you shoot up and down the wall at up to 45 km/h before splashing down into a pool over 20 meters below!


Rainfortress – Suitable for children, there are  seven slides that splash down into a child-friendly pool. A giant bucket tips over a large amount of water every 4-5 minutes!


Coconut Beach – You will feel like you’re on the beach right here! With varying wave speeds, you can either enjoy yourself in the water or just chill out at the beach hut with a thai massage.


Vana Nava Falls – the largest man-made waterfall in Asia.


You will see this stand at different parts of the park. It’s actually for you to see your photos and you can send them for printing and collect later before leaving the park.


And now, the various slide jungle!


Guarding  the entrance like a boss!


Freefall – Do you dare take this? It drops you straight down at up to 50 km/h!


Up to 8 slides in slide jungle, so much fun indeed!


You can select your photos if you would like them to be printed.

If you love to play in the water, have a thing for thrill and adventure, you really have  to visit Vana Nava Hua Hin Water Jungle!