Ladies, this is the one of the markets you should at least visit – either day, evening or night! But I would recommend evening to night as it will be more cooling to shop. Before we go into the shopping part, for your general knowledge,  Victory Monument is one of the busiest transportation hubs in Bangkok as this is the place where buses and vans will bring you to other provinces in Thailand. So you can expect generally high traffic volumes during the day especially.  You probably would have heard about this place due to the protest / coup in the recent months. But no worries, this place is safe to visit!


When you alight from BTS Victory Monument (please scroll to the bottom to listen to the thai pronunciation of Victory Monument in Thai, if you intend to take a taxi here), you will start to see people selling handmade accessories, toys, etc.  This is also the place where you can get your cheap street-style shopping!


At Victory Monument, you can see many stalls selling clothes  ranging from the latest  season,  at a cheaper price compared to the ones at shopping centres.


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You will see bags having “clearance sale”, which can go as low as 100 baht too! Accessories such as sunglasses, necklace as well as handphone covers can be spotted too.


Why do I feature this handphone stall here? Because the owner is genuine and will  not cheat you. I went to several stalls in Victory Monument and all quoted me quite a high price for the screen protector below. This is the only one which charged me a good pricing. The logic is very simple. If you cheat me, I won’t patronise you. But if you are true and genuine, I might even feature you.


This is one of the latest screen protector from Thailand with the feature “Blue Light Cut”, good for those who like to use the phone in darkness before you fall asleep.


Other than street shopping, you can also head to Soi Roy Ran which is an air-conditioned indoor shopping bazaar.

Finally, if you are here, please don’t leave without trying the original Thai Boat Noodles  (Kway Teow Rua)

Victory Monument Night Market Shopping