[Singapore] Old Airport Road Food Centre is filled with lots of good food and there is always something nice to satisfy your stomach. Recently, the popular Foon’s Thai Recipe (Thai Wanton Noodle) branched out into another venture – Waan Waan Authentic Thai Coconut Ice Cream!


Now, you can have a complete Thai Meal combo at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre too. Thai Wanton Noodle + Coconut Ice Cream / Coconut Shake.


At S$4.90, you  get  the Classic which  comes with 2 scoops of ice cream and 5 toppings which includes 3 standard toppings of red ruby, corn and chendol.  The other 2 toppings of your choice include things like coconut flesh, marshmallow, attap seed, nata de coco, aloe vera, roasted nuts and cocoa pebbles. If it’s not enough for you, go for their Jumbo [S$5.50] which is 60 cents more and comes with an additional scoop of ice cream.

Waan Waan’s Ice Cream is made from buttermilk resulting in a creamy and milky flavour and taste. Since their opening, they have refined the taste based on customers’ feedback and the current version seems to be right with queues also seen. I personally like the refined flavour of both the ice cream and toppings especially the soft and crunch red rubies!


Other than Coconut Ice Cream, they also have Mango Ice Cream and it is sold as Mango Sticky Rice [S$5.90]. I like the chunks of dried mangos in the ice cream as it gives it a extra texture and flavour to the ice cream.


Cha Yen Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream [S$2.50] is sold as it as, so that you can really taste the flavour of the ice cream. This is like Thai Milk Tea Shot (in ice cream version) as it’s thick and creamy with the goodness of Cha Yen.

Coconut Shake [S$3.50], makes a good option for those who prefer to have something more liquid. Coconut Water / Juice always makes for a good drink and to really enjoy this drink, shake the cup a little to let the ice cream slowly dissolve into the water. When you mix  Coconut Water and Coconut Ice Cream, it results in a really good Coconut Shake.

Now, you can satisfy your “Thai Cravings” in the popular Old Airport Road Hawker Centre!