It’s been awhile since we introduced cafes in Bangkok. And today, we warmly present to you: Warm Welcome Bakery and Cafe! This small little cosy establishment is located right in the midst of Sukhumvit Soi 33.


The facade is quite elaborate, you shouldn’t miss it unless you are driving too fast!


Upon entry, you will notice that it’s a small little cafe with a handling capacity of not above 10 each time.


What I like about this cafe is that everything here is homemade! After seeing their menu, I  felt like I had to try everything because the pastries here are made with love, plus they are all so beautiful.

This cafe is opened by 2 ladies, both friends who take turns to look after the shop. I met both of them and they are really friendly They were both so passionate about their creations!


Banoffee – I love the huge chunks of banana inside but I guess the star is probably the homemade caramel sauce in it. It’s not too sweet and I like just the way it is. You get to taste different flavours and textures in this dessert. So satisfying.


Banana Bread – Moist and full of banana goodness! Was expecting it to be served warm but it  wasn’t. Still great though! The moist, texture and flavours were on point which made it a favourite at the cafe. I was told that some Singaporeans even came back on the last day of their trip just to buy the whole loaf back to Singapore.


Caramel Thai Milk Tea – Remember me praising the homemade caramel sauce? Well, it goes well with their thai milk tea, made upon order.


Coconut Cake – Coconut lovers have to try this! It is light and the accompanying coconut flesh gives the cake even more flavour and depth.


Vanilla Walnut Caramel – If you love the caramel sauce so much, this is the cake to go for since they have caramel on it.


Bread Pudding – I got to try a sampling of the bread pudding and I must say it’s really good! Soft, moist and sweet.


Ham Panini – This makes a good breakfast or lunch item if you prefer something heavier.

There’s an item which I always wanted to try but because it’s so limited, it  has been quite hard for me to try. It’s their Apple Pie!

Anyway, whatever you see here, some of them are available only on certain days, so head down and see what you can get for that day!

[Bangkok] Warm Welcome Bakery and Cafe paid for food review unless otherwise stated.

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