Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School, as the name suggests, is a school where people learn thai massage.  Do you also know that you can do thai massage here, inside Wat Pho, which means Temple of the Reclining Buddha? I came here to try it out for myself and I had one of the best thai massages of my life!


To enter the compound of Wat Pho, there is an admission fee of 100฿.


There will be signs to lead you to the massage area. Initially I thought that the massage will be done without air-con since it’s in a temple. Thank God, you will have air-conditioning while having your massage.


It’s not cheap having a massage at Wat Pho because you can get cheaper ones at many places in Bangkok. A traditional thai body massage starts costs  260฿ (30mins) and 420฿ (1 hour). Be prepared to wait because there might be many tourists at that point of time.


You really get lots of stretching  and some twisting to loosen your body. It might be uncomfortable and painful for many but the pain is temporary. After the massage, you will be satisfied with the results. However, if you want privacy, this is not the place for you. Massage is done openly in a communal environment. However, if you want a original, proper and serious Thai Body Massage and Foot Massage, this is the place to go.


Don’t you love the details of Thai temples?


After the massage, you can visit Wat Pho but do take note of some rules here.


Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School