Gaggan Anand’s newest project is not a restaurant but a natural wine bar called “Wet”. Taking care of this new bar is Gaggan’s longtime head sommelier, Vladimir Kojic. Together, Vladimir  will present his favourite wines and Gaggan’s ‘soul-food’ in a playful environment.


Wet is located just beside Gaggan and adjacent to Gaa, in the same street – Soi Langsuan. It completes the traingle in Soi Langsuan.


Wet occupies a former massage parlour and the place was completely redesigned. You will be greeted by bathroom cubicle doors but don’t start unzipping your pants because it’s not a toilet. This is a “toilet speakeasy wine bar” and one of the cubicle doors will lead you in!


These will be the hottest seats in Wet very soon as it’s the spot where most people will want to have their photos taken!


These neon lights give this place a special character too.


Being a natural wine bar, you will be greeted by many wine options.


In case you can’t get a seat on the ground level, you can even head upstairs with more seats.



Check out the transparent panel on the second level. Don’t worry, it’s not as high as the one at Mahanakhon Skywalk!

While most bar focuses on drinks, Wet also place their focus on the food. And you can even try some of the dishes that were previously on Gaggan’s menu! Quite a good deal right?


Chilled Corn Soup [290฿] – We are familiar with hot corn soup but chilled sweet corn with vanilla charcoal oil is a soup which will interest many.


Seductively Indian  [390฿] – It resembles “Chaat”, a savoury snack which originates from India. The version here includes long chillies, yoghurt, crispy papdi, tamarind and pomegranate.


Roasted Corn Salsa  [390฿] – We would be happier if there were more fried chicken skins but anyway the focus should be on the roasted corn salsa.


Year of the Pig  [420฿] – This pork cutlet was formerly on Gaggan’s menu and its mini-sized pork katsu with curry ketchup is indeed delicious.


Prawnstar  [590฿] – The white prawns here is definitely one of the stars here as the black pepper and tamarind lift the dish up.


French Quail Piri-piri  [790฿] – Enjoy a whole quail with tender meat accompanied with pineapple salsa.


Sexually Charged Crab  [690฿] –  Here for a heavier meal? This crab curry with cassarecce pasta will fill your stomach for sure!


Hug Me | Smell Like Curry  [390฿] – Chicken masala with long-grain Basmati rice! So delicious!

Wet makes a good place to visit before or after a trip to Gaggan or Gaa because they are so close to each other! But if you are not able to get a seat yet, then we recommend you to head to Wet and order some substantial dish such as their Chicken Masala curry and Prawnstar so that at least, you had a “taste of Gaggan” before. Of course, if you love wines, this will naturally be a place you want to check out! Who wouldn’t want to visit an establishment by a 2-Michelin-Starred-Chef, right?

[Bangkok] Wet

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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