Rama 4 Road is relatively new to me. I heard about it from the locals and have been told that there are several stalls which are very popular that even the super rich (hi-so) who drive Bentley will come here to dine. With such a statement, I definitely had  to check out this area.

Rama 4 Road is actually very near to Silom, Si Phraya, MBK and Yaowarat (Chinatown), that is of course if you are in a car. In the vicinity of Rama 4, you can stay in hotels such as iSanook Residence  (the nearest to Rama 4 Road)  or Mandarin Hotel.

I have separated this post into Day and Night time because the stalls are relatively different and if you want to food/stall-hop, I recommend you to drop by in the night time. Please note that as Rama 4 is located in the local district, it mainly caters to locals and not tourists, so you probably won’t find any of the stalls with English names.


Duck Noodles

There are several stalls open during the day but not all of them have crowds. This stall was fully packed and I had to sit along the road, under the sun to have the  noodles. This bowl of duck noodles was comfort food with tender slices of duck together with a very good duck broth. It is located along the Soi where SCB bank is.

ducknoodleday-ducknoodle2 ducknoodleday-stall ducknoodleday-interior ducknoodleday-surrounding2 ducknoodleday-surrounding

Crispy Pancake

After your meal at the Duck Noodle above, you can just walk directly opposite to get this Crispy Pancake. Not the best I have eaten but a good addition to your noodle if you are not feeling full.

crispypancake crispypancake-stall

Fishball Noodles

If you don’t like duck, you have an alternative – Fishballs. This noodle stall is very popular because it is fully packed too! Oh, don’t forget to request the English menu from them. They are very generous with the ingredients. Included are fish ball, shrimp ball, fish cake slice and deep fried wanton for just 40 baht. You can even choose the kind of noodles (fresh egg noodle, thin rice noodle, rice vermiceli or thick rice noodle).

rama4-fishballnoodle1 rama4-fishballnoodle2

I recommend you to try this Shrimp Balls because it’s so delicious! 10 balls for 40 baht.

rama4-fishballnoodle3 rama4-fishballnoodle4 rama4-fishballnoodle5


Fish Porridge

This is the famous porridge stall which attracts the rich! If you look clearly, it’s actually Rice with Soup. Don’t under-estimate this simple dish. It is simple yet so comforting. The fish slices are fresh and thick. Together with the soup, fried garlic and  coriander, this dish becomes so awesome. I would recommend you to try this. But this is not cheap, it costs 200 baht for 1 bowl.

rama4-fishporridge rama4-fishporridge2 rama4-fishporridge1

Duck Noodle

Another Duck stall being recommended here but  this stall is only open at night. During the night, there are actually 2 duck stalls along Rama 4 and the one that the locals recommended me is this one (take a look at the facade later). Again, it’s very comforting and delicious. It doesn’t disappoint.

ducknoodlenight-ducknoodle2 ducknoodlenight-cook3 ducknoodlenight-interior ducknoodlenight-stall

Thai Desserts

After all the food, why not end it sweet, with some desserts? This is one of the popular dessert stalls in Bangkok and they have several branches. As you can see, there are lots of choice for you to choose from.

dessert-toppings dessert-facade


Want a hot dessert instead? Try the Thai beancurd in Ginger Soup. It’s different from what you find in Singapore, this is less sweet, perhaps not as smooth but it’s nice! Just try it, ginger soup is good for you. Over here, they add crispy fried dough and the combination gives the dish  a unique taste and flavour.

beancurd-beancurddessert beancurd-beancurd beancurd-toppings


Want to buy some bread for supper or breakfast? Or how about some biscuits? I have tried some of the stuff here and it’s fresh and delicious.

bakery-shop bakery-pastry