Looking for a new and nice minimalist cafe in Asoke area? Check out WWA Portal – World Wide Arabica, located at Sukhumvit Soi 19. It is located just beside Paris Mikki!


The design of WWA is just so attractive and upon the first glance, you just want to step in to explore.


Over here, the menu is simple as well, in line with their design. They do have hot and cold coffee options as well as drip coffee!


Make sure you take some nice photos on the table. We just love the reflections.



Coffee lovers will definitely be able to appreciate the coffee here while for non-coffee lovers, you will find the coffee a little bitter and strong for your liking. But one thing for sure, it is a good place to escape from the sun and just chill out a bit with the beautiful deco.

[Bangkok] WWAPortal

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