This is my best kept secret of one of my favourite, no frills yet really comforting Thai food in Woodlands (the west side of Singapore). Only my close friends who follow me around to eat will know this shop.

From the first day I patronised them, they have shifted about 5 times. So be sure to check their Facebook Page before heading down.


Thai Fried Rice [S$4.50] – This is my favourite fried rice in Singapore. The ingredients are fresh and well fried with “wok hei”. If you take chilli, you need to try their homemade chilli. Despite being very spicy, I still love to eat it with my rice. And it does hurt few hours later, if you know what I mean. :)

I’m salivating while writing this post. I need to fly over to Woodlands now!


Fried Chilli Chicken with Egg [S$4.50] – This is the best seller of Xin Yang because this dish comes with sauce to go with your rice. It’s something like a replacement of Basil Chicken Rice but this is their special rendition which works well with their customers.


Prawn Omelette Rice [S$4] – This is a classic favourite dish, Thai Style Omelette – Khai Jiao Goong, over white rice. If you don’t really like sauces, this works well for you.


Pineapple Fried  Rice  [S$4.50] – Served with lots of flosses, cashew nut and pineapple!


Mango Salad  [S$4] – This might not taste like the typical Papaya Salad that you are familiar with, but the soft mango slices and dressing tuned for Singaporean tastebuds make it a good appetiser too.


Tom Yum Soup  [S$5] – Order a plate of rice to go along with this Tom Yum Soup and it becomes a meal. The Tom Yum is filled with generous portions of fresh prawns and chicken slices and mushroom.

I strongly recommend their rice dishes but their noodle dishes don’t work well for me.