This is the place where I always go to get my Bird’s Nest fix (興利魚翅燕窩).

There are many shops selling Bird’s Nest in Yaowarat (Chinatown), but I prefer coming here. Personally, I feel that the quality of the Birds Nest here is good!

They have both White and Red versions of different grades. You can order in accordance with your preference. The better the grade, the more expensive it gets.

Xing Li Shark Fin Bird Nest - White Bird Nest

Xing Li Shark Fin Bird Nest - Red Bird Nest

Locating this shop is easy. From T&K Seafood (Green Shirt), just head towards the direction of the Red Shirt seafood and continue walking downwards. You will soon see this shop.

[Bangkok] Xing Li Shark’s Fin and Bird’s Nest 興利魚翅燕窩 (เฮงดีหูฉลาม)