Yaiya Boutique Resort Hua Hin caught my eye when I was searching for somewhere to stay in Hua Hin. It’s not the typical type of luxury hotels you see but it emits a homely resort feel to me.


True enough, upon entering Yaiya’s building complex, it feels like a different world. You don’t get an air-conditioned lobby here but open concept which stays true to the feel of a resort.


While waiting for my check-in to be done, I was served a traditional thai pineapple biscuit, drinks and towel to freshen up!


Time to head up to my room!

Room – Suite Sea Terrace (110 sqm)

When I opened the door, I was like “WOW!” So big and cosy and look at the view below!


I want to wake up to this view every day. Don’t you just love the  resort’s lush green landscape? As you can see, Yaiya also houses some pool villas!


Fixtures and fittings here are all “Thai” style and their concept aims to give you a homely feel. I spoke to Khun Bobby, Manager of Yaiya and was told that Yaiya is different from the luxury hotels. Yaiya treats every customer as their guest and friend and work  to make their friends feel at home.


The bed here is also thai style. In fact, the air-con is set to a temperature where you actually just have to cover yourself with this thin layer when sleeping.


2 basins, a bathtub in the middle,  with separate shower and toilet facilities.


A fully equipped dressing area.


There is a large living and dining area which is very spacious!

yaiyaresort-room5 yaiyaresort-thaicoconutcookie

Have you tried this sweet coconut cookie? It tastes so much like Kueh Bangkit!



Breakfast at Thaipas includes standard buffet offerings but I must mention that most of the items in Thaipas are homemade fresh daily and it includes things like bread, jam spreads, sausage, pasta, etc.


Nicely displayed drink bottles but it was a little troublesome for me to pour out the drinks actually.

yaiyaresort-breakfastcrepesYogurt Pancake with poached egg, sausage and cheese!

The main draw here is their ala-carte breakfast choices! You get to choose what kind of egg you want and whether to have yogurt or french toast or both like me. Not that I’m greedy or very hungry but I love to take photos of what’s available for you to see for yourself.

yaiyaresort-breakfastcrepesFrench Toast!

yaiyaresort-cereals yaiyaresort-fruits yaiyaresort-saladstop


Had lunch with Khun Bobby and I got to know a little more about Yaiya and how it is different from the norm. Interesting insight indeed.



yaiyaresort-thaipas_friedsomtamFried Somtam – Have you tried this style of somtam? I like how it gives you the extra crunch but at the same time still keeping and same flavour and taste of somtam by pouring the sauce over it.

yaiyaresort-thaipas_tunasaladTuna Salad

yaiyaresort-thaipas_platterThaipas Platter

yaiyaresort-thaipas_squidinkpastaSquid Ink Pasta – The pasta here is homemade fresh daily and this dish just tastes so fresh!

yaiyaresort-thaipas_padthaiPad Thai that is just so tangy and delicious. However, do eat it after being served as it the rice noodle gets hard once it cools down.



The scenic swimming pool. Check out the pool bar too!


Walk further out and it will lead you to the beach where you can just lounge here!

yaiyaresort-beach yaiyaresort-spa_premises

In house spa at Yaiya lets you do your treatment with convenience.


If you don’t really want to shop or explore and just want to stay in the resort, you can really do it at Yaiya since the services and facilities here are so all-rounded.