Yak Kin Noodle started as a home-based business in Singapore during Covid-19 as the owner, Annie, couldn’t return to Thailand and had difficulty finding authentic Thai-style noodles. Annie’s family used to have a shop in Thailand selling noodles, and hence she started making her noodles for her friends and family in Singapore to try.


They encouraged her to start selling online as it’s delicious. Many orders came in through the Thai community groups, and the quantity became too big for her to work in her home kitchen. She started selling in her husband’s Izakaya bar in the daytime. The response was overwhelming, and they decided to get a bigger space, now located in 321 Clementi on Level 2.

While there are many Thai restaurants in Singapore, none of them specialise in Thai noodles, and the version at Yak Kin Noodle is the closest version you can get. You can choose your preferred noodle options (Yellow Egg Noodle, Wide Rice Noodle, Small Rice Noodle and Rice Vermicelli) and three spicy levels.


Chicken Noodle [S$10.80] – If you tried Chicken Noodles in Thailand (like the popular one in Chatuchak Weekend Market), this taste is similar. The soup is boiled 4-5 hours daily till the chicken meat falls off the bone. Oh, the portion is huge too!


Tom Yum Pork Noodle Soup [S$10.80] – This is the original style of Tom Yum Noodle Soup, similar to what you get in Thailand. This will suit you if you want that spice and zest to your noodles. For those who prefer the creamy Tom Yum, they can do it too.


Pork Noodle Soup [S$10.80] – This is good for those craving something light and clear.


Grilled Pork Ball [3 sticks for $8] – The pork balls are grilled to a slight brown with their homemade Nam Jim sauce, which is so delicious.

Yak Kin Noodle also serves many other Thai dishes.


Pad Thai [S$10.80]


Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage [S$10.80]


Fried Saba Fish with Mango Salad [Coming Soon!]


Stewed Beef/Pork Noodle [S$10.80] – They also have it in a clay pot version if you do not want the noodles.


The Thai Milk Teas [S$4] here are on point! I like that the flavours are well-balanced.


End off your meal with some unique Thai desserts such as the Fresh Milk with Thai-style Grass Jelly [S$7] (which has a firmer texture) and the Ovaltine Shaved Ice [S$8] which is a definite crowd-pleaser.

[Singapore] Yak Kin Noodle

This post is brought to you in partnership with Yak Kin Noodle.  As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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