At every corner in  Tokyo, there will surely be a shop selling chicken. Roaming around without any plans on what to eat is the best because you get to try new stuff.


Yakitori Center is a shop which you will probably see in popular crowded places such as  Ikebukuro and Shinjuku.


To tell you the truth, we were actually attracted by this poster with a bowl of chicken wings. Looks good isn’t it!


Say hello to the bowl of cold wings! Yes, it was cold wings. There wasn’t any English menu and we had to order based on the photos.

When we picked up our first wing, we were stunned! Why is it cold?! Did they serve the wrong thing?!? Well, a further look into the menu shows that this is actually a cold chicken dish. Although it  felt  weird, we still tucked in.

The flavour was actually delicious but it just felt weird eating cold chicken. Seems like it was just taken out of the refrigerator. We were contemplating whether to take  it back to  microwave because it would be even more delicious!


A promotional item – Chicken Steamboat. It looked so good on the menu that we had to order it. However, we had to ask for additional soup base because the soup was drying up with the pathetic amount provided.


Karaage – It is one of the items on our checklist that we had to try. Not sure how  the original karaage is supposed to be, this tasted legit with a lightly crisp layer.


We ordered several sticks of Yakitori since we weren’t full yet and this place was named “Yakitori Center”. It made more sense to try some of it. Well, it was decent but not the best that I have tried.


Every table had this drink called Lemon Highball. It’s actually filled with very little whisky actually.


I couldn’t really stay long at this place as it’s very smoky, everyone was smoking inside and the smoke just circulated within.

This is an interesting restaurant selling cold chicken wings, a place you should checkout if you want something interesting.

[Tokyo] Yakitori Center