Yaowarat Toasted Bread is something you should not miss! It’s located just outside Government Savings Bank.


Look at the crowds! Majority of its customers are actually locals and since many tourists visit Yaowarat Chinatown, they of course will join in the fun and queue because the logic ย is usually like this: “Long queue = good food”.


To buy this, you have to queue up to do something first.


They have a menu and you basically have to take a piece of paper (with queue number) and write down what you want to order. I basically just write down in English with the quantity I want.


Freshly toasted bread being heated up with charcoal.


Notice which are the popular flavours? I like the Condensed Milk and Sangkaya!


And here’s the final product. Make sure you eat it fresh when you get it. Warm toasted butter bread with the delicious fillings, so good!

Yaowarat Toasted Bread