Don’t leave Bangkok without eating the crepes there because it’s a cheap and delicious snack, with lots of flavours to choose from.


Today’s recommendation is from “Yummy Crepe”. For non first-timers to Bangkok or frequent Pratunam visitors, you would probably know where to get crepes in Pratunam or in Bangkok.

But I’m recommending you Yummy Crepe simply because eating it is much easier as compared to crepes from other stalls. And it also means that you won’t dirty your hands, mouth and clothes easily. I have tried before other crepes and when they start wrapping it, it becomes big and messy and it makes eating on the go so difficult. Β 



There are a variety of flavours and toppings for you to choose from.


And so this is how they make the crepes.


This is the making of my favourite flavour : Banana Chocolate.


Bananas are sliced into small pieces and placed at every corner of the Crepe.



After all toppings are in the crepe, it is time to fold it for convenience of eating.


And voila, the crepe is ready for consumption!

You can find Yummy Crepe at 3 locations in Bangkok. Find out the exact location below. :)