Yunomori Onsen Spa - Facade

Yunomori Onsen & Spa is the first of its kind in Thailand,  which is an authentic Japanese Hot Spring Spa. Not in Japan, but in Bangkok. More specifically, at A-Square on Sukhumvit Soi 26.

Yunomori Onsen & Spa was created with an aim to provide a holistic retreat with a combination of Thai and Japanese traditional therapeutic wisdom. Smith (Director of Yunomori) also saw an opportunity to introduce the healing properties of Thai mineral water from the Ranong province in the South to both Thais and visitors from all over the world.

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Reception

There is an entrance fee of THB$450 and you can practically stay here the whole day. At Yunomori, they also provide massage and spa treatments. You can choose from the various packages and once you are done with the selection, have a change of slippers and head on in!

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Walkway

You will be greeted by a beautiful garden as you make your way to the onsen area.

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Yuktata

Before entering in the onsen area, get a set of Yukata and towel.

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Male Section

The onsen is sepeated into different sections for male and female.

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Onsen Manner

Don’t know what to do inside? No worries, there are infographic guides  to help you.

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Changing Room

Ready for the onsen? Now, strip naked and keep your belongings into the cupboard. Yes, for onsen, you will have to be naked. You will only be given a small face towel.

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Shower

Before entering the onsen, you have to get a shower to clean yourself. This is a shared facility, so do be considerate and make yourself clean before entering the onsen.

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Onsen Guide

There are at least 5 pools inside. You may be confused as to which to use first, but no worries as there are no fixed rules. You can use whichever you like. However, they do have a guide as well if you are really lazy to think. I will be following the Onsen Guide as I show you the various pools.

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Soda Spa
Step 1: Soda Spa Pool – It promotes blood circulation and raises the oxygen level in your body to achieve health balance.

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Jet Bath
Step 2:  Jet Bath – It is something like Jacuzzi, to massage your body.

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Steam Room
Step 3: Steam Room

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Sauna
Step 3: Sauna

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Cold Bath
Step 4: Cold Bath (16℃) – This is very cold, especially after all the Hot Bath!

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Garden Bath
Step 5: Garden Bath – I like chilling here as it’s quieter and you get to  smell nature.

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Teak Bath
Step 5: Teak Bath

Yunomori Onsen Spa - OnsenStep 6:  Onsen – The hottest pool here!

Please do not stay in a pool for too long even though the entrance fee is for the whole day as you should be moving around the different pools.

After Onsen, you can proceed for Foot Massage / Thai Massage / Aromatherapy Massage. Treatments here are priced relatively low as compared to establish spas. For a price higher than that of a massage parlour by the roadside, you get a better and clean environment here.

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Thai Massage Room
Thai Massage Room

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Aromatherapy Massage RoomAromatherapy Massage Room

If you have not had a hot spring experience yet, you should make a trip to Yunomori Onsen & Spa when you are in Bangkok. Soaking yourself in onsen helps improve your blood circulation and helps you to relax too. It benefits you both physically and mentally.

You no longer have to travel all the way to Japan to experience the authentic onsen, you can do it right here in Bangkok!

Yunomori Onsen Spa - Tuk Tuk

There is also a complimentary tuk tuk ride to BTS Phrom Phong.

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A totally different experience from the rest of the spas in Bangkok.

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= Conclusion

It’s the first of it’s kind in Thailand. You definitely have to come here and try it for yourself. Enjoy the Onsen and have a massage after that!