ZOOM at Sathorn Sky Bar & Restaurant is the latest Rooftop Bar in Bangkok as of May 2014. ZOOM offers  360 º cityscape views from  the 40th floor of Anantara Bangkok Sathorn. You can simply see Sathorn, Chao Phraya and Sukhumvit with its uninterrupted skyline views.


If you would like to catch the sunset, do come at 5:30pm.

zoom-sunset3 zoom-sunset2

There are various seating options for you to choose from, of course if you want an excellent view, do come early to avoid disappointment.


This is the private zone, usually for big groups.


Want to show post your photo on Instagram with ZOOM in the background, this is where you should take your photo:


And now, time for some 360 º views for you to enjoy.

zoom-nightscenery2 zoom-nightscenery1

ZOOM brings in different DJs on different days and if you are in the mood to dance,  you can do so in front of the DJ area.


If you’re feeling hungry, you can choose from French Mediterranean or Asian Delights.

Soft Shell Crab Salad  (Crispy soft shell crab salad with water melon, avocado, baby spinach and sesame dressing) [550฿++]  – The soft shell crab is fried well, giving it a light crisp without being too oily. The salad here is refreshing with the watermelon and sesame dressing. The cheese in fact does give the salad the extra flavour.

Hokkaido Scallop and Tuna (Seared jumbo diver scallop and akami tuna with avocado wasabi, lemon caviar and tarragon reduction) [600฿++]  – The star here is the hokkaido scallop as it is sweeter as compared to normal scallops.

Duck Breast (Pan roasted duck breast with duck leg samosa, carrot and ginger puree) [650฿++]  – Duck here is tender and juicy, very well flavoured. A relatively healthy dish with lots of carrot around.

Rack of Lamb (Oven roasted rack of lamb with parmesan crust, artichoke confit, and balsamic essence) [1100฿++]  – The lamb is well seasoned, tender and well cooked. It did not taste  gamey  which can happen  when mutton  is not cooked well.

zoom-grannysmiththintartGranny Smith Thin Tart (Freshly baked green apple tart with vanilla infused spiced ice cream) [250฿++]  – If there is only one dish that you should order here, this is it! Must Try!!! It’s so crispy yet fruity with the thinly sliced apple drizzled with caramel. Perfect when paired  with the vanilla ice cream!

Fresh Strawberries Cheese Cake (Madagascar vanilla and cheese sponge, red berried sorbet, Fresh strawberries and Italian pistachio coulis) [250฿++]  – The cheese cake was not too filling which is good, but I felt that the crust could be more crunchy instead of having the same texture as the cheese cake. The different texture will give it extra bite and makes it more delicious.

ZOOM Ice Tea (Ketel One Vodka, Tanqueray Gin, Pampero Blanco, Tres Magueys Tequila, Triple sec, fresh lime juice and Red Bull)  [400฿++] – A refreshing cocktail that you should try. It is lighter compared to the other cocktails. Doesn’t the cucumber makes it refreshing already?

A colourful ZOOM Ice Tea, this can be done by playing with the lights on the bar table.

zoom-cocktail2White Chocolate Margarita (Home infused Tres Magueys Tequila with white chocolate, cinnamon and honey) [370฿++] – I felt that this lacked the White Chocolate taste, but if you are white chocolate lover, do give it a try.


The bartender preparing the next interesting cocktail which is also one of the most ordered cocktail here.

Smoked Flitt (The vitamin bomb.  Pampero Seleccion, almond, lychee raspberry, passion fruit and lime, combined into this great concoction)  [370฿++] – Definitely fruity yet strong in alcohol. Interesting way of consuming your cocktail and the presentation is really good. Oh, it really does have  a smoky flavour as well!

Mai Tai (Captain Morgan Dark, Pampero Seleccion, Pampero Blanco, apricot brandy, almond, fresh lime and pineapple)  [370฿++] – This cocktail sort of tasted like Mojito but it’s good!


Already convinced to checkout this place? In any case, do checkout my instagram video showing the 360 º view at ZOOM.

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360 º uninterrupted skyline views. Delicious food and desserts. A must try is the  Granny Smith Thin Tart.

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Traffic outside Anantara Hotel (the main road) can be quite bad during peak hours, so do make your way down earlier.

= Conclusion

This is currently Bangkok’s latest rooftop bar (as of May 2014) and ZOOM offers  360 º city views. A good place to check out with its relative big space, you get a good view at almost every corner. If you are looking to have a romantic dinner with your loved ones, this is cheaper compared to places like Vertigo (Banyan Tree) and Sirocco (Lebua).